PlayStation 5 YouTube App Now Supports HDR Playback

A recent update for the PlayStation 5 YouTube application has enabled High Dynamic Range (HDR) support via the VP9-2 video codec.

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OtterX52d ago

It needs to support VR like the PS4 YouTube did

Babadook752d ago

As you can imagine, that won’t be a high priority for Google.

dazzysima52d ago

BT Sport app in 4K HDR next.

bonduk51d ago

Rugby weekend in 4k please!!

ElvisHuxley52d ago

Nice, my QN90A just came today and I'm looking for excuses to check stuff out. My last 4k was a Sharp, back when they still made TVs, before they were bought by hisense.

HannibalLecter52d ago

Sweet! I have a QN90A as well. Love it. Hope you enjoy yours..