Genre Busters: Games That Defied Their Genres

Jacob Stutsman of Gamer 2.0 writes:

"If Doom and Wolfenstein did not show the world what a first person game could be, then they showed the world its most admirable traits. Edgy, intimate, claustrophobic, and immersive, they were simultaneously credited as the profligate end of western civilization and the beginning of a now familiar trope of violence and realism.

They were also biased, piercing the world like the narrator of a first person book who filters the events through his own experiences and personality. That is how I see the first person game: the player becomes the character, as such is the case in Stephen King's short story I Am the Doorway in which the alien of the story sees the world through eyes of a man."

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Amadeo3600d ago

I definitely think that it's a little unfair to think that every game needs to be categorized and placed into a box. When you think like that, you immediately stifle creativity, which ultimately would lead us to playing cookie cutter games with gameplay mechanics adjusted here and there. Look what happened after Gears of War came out, a f**k ton of games with "the best cover system" came out. Stop following the leader and break out of the box!

CrashSpyro1233600d ago

Portal seems to fit this ideal really well since it was basically a puzzle-platforming game that was presented in a first-person viewpoint while giving you what seemed to be a gun, but was more of a tool to solve puzzles. The story and atmosphere really helped to make the whole game a cohesive experience where none of those pieces really felt out of place. Then there was Still Alive. :D