Battlefield 2042 Review - Duuro Magazine

Duuro says: "So should you get Battlefield 2042 right now? Unfortunately, I don’t have a simple answer for you at this exact moment. Conquest is a lot of fun once you adapt your playstyle. Hazard Zone can be either a hit or a miss, it depends on what you want out of the mode and Portal is absolutely special. But the game still has a lot of problems..."

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This will be a great game one day if they keep patching it, but it is far from that today.

Julion071550d ago

Why is TDM mode missing? That’s how ppl play it anyway and I know it’s on portal but a base mode would be great

ikarodemon50d ago

All Battlefield games had a lot of bugs at launch, some more some less. This I already expected no news here. What I didn't expect is to pay for a new game that added so little to the multiplayer part and still removed the single player. Nothing convinces me that this game is worth much less than it is charged.