The 1UP Show: Lich King, Flower and LocoRoco 2

The 1UP Show traverses over a wide swath of the gaming landscape this week.

Rob Bowen, Philip Kollar andRyan Scott decided to take a few weeks to really dig into World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King before covering it on The 1UP Show.

In a holiday gaming season characterized far more by buckets of blood than friendship and caring, Flower provides a welcome antithesis of a game designed around joy. Shane Bettenhausen, Nick Suttner, Alice Liang, Jay Frechette all found themselves instantly hooked on the short demo.

They then add in the cute thanks to their import of the rolly-polly LocoRoco 2. Ryan O'Donnell and Nick Suttner feel the love.

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