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VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "In short, Brilliant Diamond is frankly exasperating. The Pokemon Company is an entity with resources beyond most developers’ wildest dreams, and yet it consistently creates some of the least inspired and unadventurous titles in the industry. Brilliant Diamond is no exception. Even with the leeway for not changing things up that being a remake carries with it, this is just a rip-off. Please, don’t financially support this; hopefully someone at Pokemon eventually takes notice and realizes that they need to start putting in a smidge of effort to warrant continuing to get people’s money."

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WackoDaSniper49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

2.5/10 means the game has game breaking issues or performs poorly. I get the feeling about a "remake" but come on at least give it a 7/10, its literally the same game from 07 no features missing

nommers49d ago

A 2.5 is a little low, but a 7 is too high. In no way should copy and pasted games be considered for a passing score. For games that work and don’t have any notable flaws, but are practically the same game as so many other iterations in its series a 5 is fair.

got_dam49d ago

I never got to play the originals. So I'm interested. I was never able to play gold and silver either. I would love to see remakes of those. Even if it is just a copy paste game with a face-lift.

franwex49d ago

I never played the original ones either, I’m enjoying it. It’s not a 2.5/10 at all. It’s very playable.

got_dam49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I figured there was just no way. If this was a broken mess like most AAA games, that still manage to 7s and 8s somehow, I would understand. If the game works as intended then it would have to be a 5 or 6 for me. Your one dislike makes me think the author doesn't agree with you haha.

Inverno49d ago

Yeah that's about as much as I'd give it too. Infact I stopped playing it entirely. I have a lot to critique about Let's Go but I totally suggest Let's Go if you haven't played it, and I know eventually, given the history Pokemon has with rom hacks, it'll probably be filled with different hacks.

Pyrofire9549d ago

I don't totally get the criticism for these remakes.
It's a 3D reworking of the original. It's the same style of the classic format but with 3D.
I admit I haven't looked to into these so maybe I'm off base but at least looking at the trailers I was tempted to get back into Pokemon.

badz14948d ago

It's a low effort remake and looks like something that even the Wii can run. And they are charging $60 for it - EACH!

For one of the biggest IP out there, the blatant low effort put into this is frustrating. The work of Gamefreak with this IP even makes Activision's effort on CoD looks phenomenal.

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