Why Bad Games Are Made

"The easiest explanations are often those visible in plain sight, yet they still are often overlooked for their more complex and convoluted cousins. The answer to the question at hand is obvious, as it doesn't take an economist to point out one simple fact: games are made to make money."

From franchise tie-ins to failed development to overhyping, it's all here.

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cain1413599d ago

Too Human was a big disapointment for me. I wish that game had worked out better.

ihaten4glol3599d ago

I was initially excited about Too Human, and then I downloaded the demo. Let's just say I was less than thrilled.

italianbreadman3599d ago

I definitely agree with the article, as I've seen way too many ruched, over-hyped, and just plain lazy games hit the market.

But Too Human was one of the most under-appreciated games of 2008, and was a phenomenal experience.

cain1413599d ago


It wasn't a bad game, but it really had more potential than what it tapped into. (then again, what game doesn't?)

Grasty3599d ago

great article, good job

Viewtiful3599d ago

This is a subject that needs to be talked about so much more. Games like Ninja Gaiden 2 and Gears of War 2 should be inexcusable.

italianbreadman3599d ago

Haha, I also very much enjoyed the expanded and refined combat in Ninja Gaiden II -- a great step up from its predecessor.

Frame rate issues were the biggest fault in that game.

dannyhinote_133599d ago

Exactly. The Petz series should be the games we cherish and want more of!

cain1413599d ago

I enjoyed both NG2 and GoW2, but yes, they did have some problems.

Still decent games though...

steriotyp3599d ago

Poor games aren't just movie spinoffs or random Xbox games. unfortunately, they exist across the board. The Wii is the worst example of this. The system has been bombarded with old PC FLASH games, and poorly made mini games that have new developers capitolizing on the Wii craze.

It is also a good thing that games like this exist. In a way, they help shed that oh so glorioius light on the games that do shine. For every Metal Gear, there is a Spongebob game or two that lands. How would we know what a great game is like if we never experienced a bad one?

cain1413599d ago

The wii probably is the best example with all the shovel ware getting ported out, but every console has it's issues.

JN4G233599d ago

interesting piece, good job

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