DICE "Aware" of Battlefield 2042 Hit Registration Issues, Fix Aimed for "Early December"

Are you having Battlefield 2042 hit registeration issues? DICE is aware of this, and has a planned fix to roll out in "early December."

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swifty150d ago

Why can’t a game that’s been in development for years just actually work/run properly?? Remember cartridges?, those were polished up before release because they were a physical property, so it better work!!! Nowadays …”meh, whatever we made so much $$$ on preorders!, fuck this game anyways on to the next half assed effort let’s gooooooo

philm8750d ago

They still had bugs in them, people just accepted that they were computer games and not everything will runs perfectly. Plus games are massively more complex these days.

Kurt Russell50d ago

Yeah I had plenty of buggy naff games on cartridge. Either terribly ported or janky as all hell.
But I also had Sunset Riders... and that game was awesome!

TriniOutsider50d ago

This game is a dam mess. Dice is dead to me after this release.

LucasRuinedChildhood50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Feel bad for people who bought this. When Dice said they didn't even understand why people loved Bad Company 2 back in 2014, I had a bad feeling this franchise was going to decline in quality.

That being said, I don't think they even had enough time to make this. 2 years max of proper development on this version of the game. They were releasing DLC for BF5 last year and we know that they wasted a lot of their development trying to make a Battle Royale game.

These publishers need to stop pushing games out the door so they make can money in a particular financial year. The GTA Trilogy, Cyberpunk 2077, BF 2042 and to some extent COD: Vanguard (the zombies mode launched unfinished). It's ridiculous. Halo Infinite, while good, is missing loads of features at launch as well.

TriniOutsider50d ago

I'll admit I purchased the game. Because my friends wanted to play it. I wish I could refund it after numerous bugs and glitches I've encountered.

SenorFartCushion50d ago

You should be entitled to one. I try to but physically as to try and trade in when it all gets fucked up.

Limitedtimestruggle50d ago

I'm glad I got this game bundled with a nvme I got on sale, because I feel completely gutted by the garbage 2042 ended up being at launch, and propably will be for a long while lol.

I cancelled the game after the shit beta, no doubts and questions asked. Pure trash.

It's not often I use the expression "hate". But I feel comfortable saying that I actually hate this game. It's a terrible BF game for sure. It's not even a good game imho.

BFV was a pure gem at launch compared to this pile of shit.

PhillyDillyDee50d ago

BFV: Fool me once, shame on you
2042: Fool me twice, shame on me

Anyone who didnt see this coming is blind. BFV had some serious hurdles to overcome but no one can argue that the game was more feature complete than 2042 at launch; Which is saying something in retrospect because it was missing a good deal compared to BF1. Think I’m blowing smoke? 2042 doesnt even have a scoreboard… think about that. How did such a basic feature as a scoreboard not make the cut? Crouch running, reviving squadmates, high wall vaulting… it literally goes on. But lets start with a scoreboard eh?

Dice is the only developer in recent memory that actively takes steps backwards instead of building onto what they have already created.

They will get it to a point where it “works” and then abandon it like they did with BFV, promising the next one will be everything we ever wanted. Then everyone will forget about it as the hype machine starts stirring around it a year or so later.