Cheaters in Halo Infinite are becoming a massive problem – here’s what they’re up to

Microsoft surprised us with Halo Infinite just two weeks ago and we are already experiencing hackers running wild in the game.

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execution1752d ago

One of the disadvantages of being F2P and Crossplay with PC

Jin_Sakai52d ago

The seriously need to add Crossplay based on input so the cheating PC crowd don’t ruin it for console.

LabRat51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Cross play based on input is an option for ranked I believe, but not for standard matchmaking which I think they should definitely add

muffingems3051d ago

maybe a separate server cause PC players could just plug in controller for input.

smashman9852d ago

Honestly it feels like only the big games attract the toxic players. I have no issues when playing most games on PC.

franwex52d ago

They attack a lot of games. An example is Titanfall 2.

KillBill51d ago

PC defense force incoming...

FinalFantasyFanatic51d ago

Cheaters really ruin the fun of multiplayer, alot of other players just dick about or just not try once cheaters enter the match.

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SullysCigar52d ago

You really should be able to turn off crossplay so you don't have to suffer the cheaters ruining the fun. They make playing it pointless.

Z50151d ago

But, isn't "Xbox is PC and PC is Xbox"?

1Victor51d ago

Does it really matter? If you’re good at the game no matter how hard they cheat you still find a way to have fun it’s when you tie down first place with having fun where the problem begins.
Just report him/her and move along btw all mmo should have a vote to kick system where you vote to kick someone and if the numbers total more than 3/4 of the players the player get kicked out automatically

jonivtec51d ago

Problem is not f2p or is a much of no life kids or people that need to cheat in a damn video game to think they are important in society.One of my friend is working at ubisoft Montreal, they invest more than a million dollars/year in Rainbow 6 alone to counter cheater...guess what...we all pay for this when we are buying a game.

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SavageFlamingo52d ago

Crossplay with PC in shooters is the worst idea. Cheaters. Then there’s the mismatch of mouse vs controller.

PertySlick52d ago

Agree. One of the major benefits to playing on a console to begin with is a more secure and less cheat-prone experience. Forced crossplay is eliminating that.

Fntastic52d ago

Too bad controllers kinda suck for playing fps tho..

Rude-ro52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Actually, due to aim assist, controller is far outperforming m&k
As in, your average controller player is hitting shots more consistently then the top m&k players.
And skilled controllers are outperforming everyone.

joshd1734552d ago

halo infinite has the least amount of aim assist in a halo game its actually almost zero.

ChubbyBlade52d ago

I can’t tell if this is a troll…they literally put bloom on the sniper so MKB people wouldn’t be no scoping across the map 24/7

kickerz51d ago

Yeah there ain't no aim assist in Halo. It requires actual skill. Not like half those other shooters out there.

Rude-ro51d ago

Not correct.
Plenty of info and complaint out there

KillBill51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

The accuracy stats show that console players have a higher amount of experience base behind the game vs PC. The level of difference between accuracy data is less 5~9% depending on top 50% data and top 100 players. It simply shows that long time Halo gamers are currently better on average than the PC best. Many PC best dominating some of the top 100 in this category but not as many as people imagine. The idea experience from other games brings itself to the Halo game is simply a false notion than not. Skill for sure is learned and many high skilled players can quickly pick-up a game but the long time skilled players on Halo mostly reside on console and will likely always fair better.

Even the average skill based Halo player on console that has been playing a long time has a better chance at knowing how to use weapons in game than PC players experiencing the game with much less experience behind them. Aiming in CS is not the same as aiming in Halo. And for sure players don't move the same in either game. Nor do the weapons respond the same.

Kurt Russell51d ago

Yeah, I am playing PC but playing with controller. M&K seems to a disadvantage for Halo in my experience.

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343_Guilty_Spark51d ago

Actually someone did a guide using halo stats and determined kb/mouse players are actually at a slight disadvantage

-Foxtrot52d ago

"here’s what they’re up to"


LG_Fox_Brazil52d ago

Won't lie, I chuckled at the title and then again at your comment. Like, what else could cheaters be doing in a fps?

Bathory66652d ago

Really sad people feel good about doing this in games. Clearly they weren’t raised right.

SullysCigar52d ago

Why do they even bother to play games? It's a pointless waste of time for the cheaters and it's equally pointless for those being cheated against.

It just removes enjoyment all around.

Fntastic52d ago

Usually it's children because of their bad parents letting them do anything yea.

quattromaniac52d ago

Imagine being so pathetic you have to cheat, just quit losers lmao.

Bathory66652d ago

I don’t get it either. It wouldn’t feel like a win if you cheated. I don’t do that. Then again i was raised correctly.

dominicdecoco51d ago

Honestly, these guys sell themselves these delusions that cheating takes some kind of skill or it's fun.

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