Who remembers the awesome Demo discs for PlayStation & XBOX?

Back during a time where Demos were on Demo Discs. Faceless Gaming explores a throwback of publications that provided Demo Discs.

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ApocalypseShadow56d ago

Beware. "Your connection is not private" Android warning. So, I won't be clicking through. Anyway...

Remember? I still have them. A snapshot of what the games may play like in the final. Some games never released but there was a demo. Some full games like Sega Swirl were on the demo disc. Back when trying something didn't possibly cost a monthly fee and you could save a few dollars. Oh. And great mags to read through. Memories.

FacelessGaming55d ago

There was a problem with our host provider, that sucks that happened. It's all fixed now and it again secure with it's SSL certificate.

Relientk7755d ago

Me, I still have all my PS1 demo discs. I eventually bought a bunch of games from them too, after beating the demos multiple times.

EvertonFC55d ago

I still have the original Amiga CDTV demo disk

Phoenix7655d ago

Oh man, I remember playing wing commander on CD32 lol

Outlawzz55d ago

Yea today's kids will never know the struggle.

All you could do was play the same dang stage over and over again till you could make it to blockbuster and rent a full game for a few days lol

EvertonFC55d ago

Oh the memories, got lucky day1 for resident Evil at blockbusters me and my m8 didnt have the money so hid the copy and ran back to mum and dads for some cash haha.

The_Sage55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I subscribed to Official Playstation magazine from issue 18 until they stopped. I don't remember what happened to all the discs after we moved.

dbcoops55d ago

Had a subscription to PTOM as well. Good times.

dbcoops55d ago

Remember them fondly. Would get one with my 'Playstation: The Official Magazine' subscription from time to time. The good old days before social media ruined game journalism.

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The story is too old to be commented.