Listen to the London Symphony Orchestra play Starfield’s score

Bethesda is working hard on Starfield, and that includes recording its score with the London Symphony Orchestra.

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Snookies1259d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Fingers crossed! There's huge potential in this title. I just hope they can nail it. And please, please... Have a bigger staff to squash bugs/glitches...

porkChop59d ago

It seems like Fallout 76 was a wake up call for Bethesda. Between that and being backed by Xbox, I'm hoping Bethesda takes their time to polish it up.

ColtPSSX59d ago

I really hope this game doesn’t suck

Ninver59d ago

It better not suck the way it's being overhyped without any solid gameplay trailers. The pressure is on

porkChop59d ago

I get Star Wars-like vibes at times. I really like what I'm hearing. Hopefully the game is as epic as the score.

ic3fir359d ago

when a ost of a game is so good, the quality of the game is good to..
star wars and interstellar vibes,epic...