New StarCraft 2 Concept Artwork

New StarCraft 2 Screenshots were recently released, and now there's also new StarCraft 2 Artwork to enjoy! Several new shots are out, but even if some of them have been found on other locations in the past, it's quite nice to see them in high resolution glory!

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syrinx3595d ago

This game looks better the more shots they release.

Leord3595d ago

Strictly speaking, this is artwork, but yeah =)

Leord3595d ago

I think that "Heaven's Devils" logo is quite cool that they released. That they even spent the time to make the logo of a group Raynor used to be with 20 years ago is quite cool in its own right!

Recka3595d ago

the artwork looks really good, and well I agree with syrinx, looks better with every piccy they give :)

UIOP3595d ago

The industrial complex, the corruptor and heaven's devils' logo looks awesome.
The infestors looks rather silly though... and I also don't get how they can contain so much puke. It looks like they should go "out-of-ammo" in just a couple of seconds.

player_729853595d ago

Awesome Concept Art! Also great find SCWire, thanks for letting people know! :D

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