Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Pre-Alpha Coming to Steam Soon

Relic Entertainment and SEGA have recently announced the Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer pre-alpha launch and the pre-load schedule.

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Orchard546d ago

Damn, wasn’t expecting this. Definitely a must play for me, love COH.

Darkborn546d ago (Edited 546d ago )

It's simply the best RTS game. I loved age of empires 4 too, but COH just has true strategy with units that level up, the map that has strategic capture points and buildings and vehicles. The singleplayer alpha a few months ago was pretty decent and the turn based overworld thing like total war was pretty good. Looking forward to this.

XbladeTeddy546d ago

Great game isn't it. The Tiger tanks always scared me. Those things were beast mode in multiplayer.

XbladeTeddy546d ago

Loved CoH2. Always remember in the early days of the multiplayer I'd use barbed wire to cut off their fuel supply point early. Got people so angry when it worked.

PhillyDillyDee546d ago

Love CoH. Only thing the older ones were missing were infantry only skirmishes. Loooove the infantry play.