Sony's First Touchscreen Walkman Revealed

Sony is set to debut a new 16 and 32GB drag and drop Walkman during CES 2009, according to trusted inside sources. This will be the most advanced music, video and photo Walkman music player ever released by Sony to date. While it was revealed before to Wired that Sony's new Walkman would have Wi-Fi capabilities, we have now learned that Sony's new Walkman will also be touchscreen and WQVGA. The touchscreen will not be the usual LCD, but a brilliant three inch OLED with a contrast ratio around 10k. OLED display capabilities in terms of color reproduction are far beyond the average LCD, which means 100% color reproduction across a wider viewing angle.

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Lord Anubis3601d ago

OLED display makes it very intriguing.

madmonkey03601d ago

is this the first device to go on market with OLED?
and second,
sony said the other day ina statement there are no plans for a psp2. at this time.

Lord Anubis3601d ago

I don't know if it's the first device but sony released the first tvs with OLEDs. OLEDS screens are expensive so who knows how much this walkman will cost but the contrast of OLEDS make it worth the price.

Senbo3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I'm about 80-90% sure that japan has an OLED touchscreen cellphone

edit: oh here it is http://www.engadgetmobile.c...
doesn't look like it's touch

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underbelly3601d ago

...has a couple of players available in amoled displays.

the SPINN was just released in october, has haptic feedback and a touch screen.

pain777pas3601d ago

Sony walkman is the only name that could compete with ipod that people know so they better think this through and make the best device they can.

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Nathan Drake3601d ago

The PsP2 is being built around the same tech :)

Leathersoup3601d ago

Would you care to show your sources for this fact? :)

Although I'm sure that Sony will probably use OLED for any future portable devices, I wouldn't say that it's a "fact" without any provable data to back it up.

running rampid3601d ago

nice, maybe now sony's walkman will stop playing catch up to mighty ipod.

jcfilth3601d ago

If they make this thing interact with the PS3 and PSP in some way, they sure got my money :)

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The story is too old to be commented.