CD Projekt Grows Team Dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion; Sales Grow But Profit Drops YoY

Today CD Projekt published its financial results for the third quarter of 2021, and provided more insight on its business and development pipeline.

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Double_O_Revan53d ago

"Sales grow but profit drops"

Yea, that'll happen when every retailer under the sun is unloading your latest game for $10 a pop.

Ninver53d ago

That's $9 too much. Maybe I'll play it for $1. And that's a strong maybe.

ColtPSSX52d ago

It’s actually not bad.
I remember I was blindly hating on it and then I bought it for $20 for the PS5 and it was actually really fun.
$10 you would definitely get your money worth

TheDoomedGuy52d ago

Lots of people are paying $1 or no $$$ for gamepass games like halo (once it fully releases). So based on that the $1 isn't so bad.

CantThinkOfAUsername52d ago

Wrong. Publishers ship the games, retailers pay up. The End. Whether the games actually sell or rot on shelves is not publishers' concern, they already got their money. It's retailers trying to dump the stock and get some money back.

Another tip for the unaware, retailers don't pay $60 for a game. It's usually $30 and goes up to $42 depending on how hot the game is. That's why publishers love digital so much, it's more money in the bag.

VenomCarnage8952d ago

So cool. Your wisdom is stuff of legend, that or maybe just common sense to anyone who's taken business 101.
That said, if you think retailers paid the same for this game that they did with any other fully priced release, that's silly. The day one shipment of course was paid at the typical retailer price, because that was paid ahead of time, but after all the shit hit the fan, demand plummeted so retailers wouldn't still be willing to pay even $30, or whatever the going rate is, knowing they can't sell it for a profit at that price.
Cd even said it, sales up, profits down. That means their profit margin is also down. Selling your own game to retailers at a fraction of the full intended price would guarantee that outcome