Sea of Thieves Season Five Brings... Sitting, Lots of Holiday Goodies, Treasure Burying, & Much More

Today Rare revealed the content coming with Season five of the popular online adventure game Sea of Thieves.

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rlow157d ago

I haven’t tired this game yet. But I can see it has grown a lot from its launch.

iraqmilner57d ago

For those that have played this game, what are your thoughts on it? I think it looks interesting, but I'm skeptical. I'd love to know whether you think it's worth a go.

Abriael57d ago

I mostly like it, but I wish there was a PvE server. Being forced to PvP all the time, with other players that interrupt whatever you're doing at any given moment has partly ruined it for me.

ElvisHuxley57d ago

Seems more like a digital hangout for you and your friends rather than a proper game, which is not necessarily a bad thing.