Eyeballistic will repitch Mortal Kombat Trilogy HD Remakes to WB/NRS

Eyeballistic will repitch the Mortal Kombat Trilogy HD remakes to Warner Bros, and shared with us some brand new screenshots.

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fitofficial57d ago

I've got thousands of hours in MK2 and honestly do not need this to be a thing but oh God do I want this to be a thing.

ZeekQuattro57d ago

Good luck. This is the third or 4th attempt at a repackaged MK Trilogy over the years.

Silly gameAr57d ago

Still want Shaolin Monks. It's like they forgot it.

Bathory66657d ago

Agree. I’d rather have a remaster of that than this trilogy that I’ve played way too much.

fitofficial57d ago

I'd kill for a Shaolin Monks remake. That game was so fun. Honestly just redo the graphics. The gameplay still holds up.

JL293056d ago

Good game but too short. The arena fighting after you beat it was cool though, dunno how well it would hold up.

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The story is too old to be commented.