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Battlefield 2042 is the latest entry in the Battlefield series, but its focus on chaos makes it too much of a mixed bag.

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anast47d ago

It's hard to believe they failed a second time in a row.

anast43d ago

It's not good. May be they should listen to their fans the 4th time around.

Limitedtimestruggle46d ago

Battlefield V is a previous gem compared to 2042, truly a sh1tshow and as a long term BF-fan I can’t feel anything but completely gutted on how they missed the mark with the lates disaster release.

swifty146d ago

Man , my hopes were so high this would be a good game, loved the old BF games before WW old style ones

Limitedtimestruggle46d ago

Aye! I did not love BFV after the beta and the initial launch, and it was a rough ride going forth. But at least it had the core BF-experience going for it. It got pretty good over the years, and I'm having a load more fun in it still vs the 2042 garbage. I'm a huge fan of both BF1 and over time, BFV to be completely honest.

Traecy46d ago

It has no campaign so I didn't buy,kind of knew it would be a disappointing game.