Home Isn't Where the Heart Is…At Least Not Yet

Gabriel Rumbaut of SmashPad writes:

"In its current build, Home is little more than a glorified chat room with the avatars, cities, and games acting as nothing more than window dressing. Right now, it seems to be less about substance and more about giving Sony something to talk about in its press releases. Yet, while it doesn't quite deliver, Home certainly has a great deal of potential, and I hope that Sony will realize that potential in future updates."

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Amadeo3650d ago

I don't know about everyone else, but I love my New Xbox Experience. I'm not a heavy virtual world user, and taking several minutes to travel from point A to point B just seems like a waste of time. I care about features and options when it comes to a system interface. And having Netflix available from my dashboard is a feature that I can ride with. I think Sony should have spent their money on partnerships instead of a virtual world. They announced it so long ago and now they're last out of the gate.

AnthonyPerez3650d ago

This was the big worry I had about Home. There just seemed to be many things that didn't need Home's virtual world interface. I don't think lackluster impressions of Home is an indictment of Home, but rather of the whole virtual world idea. There are just a LOT of people that it won't resonate with. It doesn't really resonate with me, personally, as I don't find it all that much more immersive if I enter a world, walk up to someone, and start playing a bowling game with them as it would if I chose a friend from a list to do the same.

There probably is more opportunity to meet brand new people through Home, as that has been the success of other virtual worlds like Second Life. How many people will be that into it though?

I remember a fellow staffer say that the social interactions is a bit odd though, as it's a lot of male avatars hitting on female avatars that were probably created by men. That's awkward lol.

Nikkelz3650d ago

i agree with you on those points,i just got into home today for the first time,and i realize something,in real life im a 6-2 athletic Dominican dude with course/curly hair,and i have a ponytail
why in home do i look like a have a beer-belly and why is my ponytail straight?
i just feel like they are doing things backward,especially in regards to body real life i play football,and i have been playing since i was like 13 and im 28 now...i was a wide reciever in high school,now im a do the math,my avatar should look as close to realistic as possible,no everyone is a skinny guy or a beer guzzler.

bottom line is,in the wake of awesome character creators like saints row 2-why on earth does sony feel the need to make everyone look like a high schooler?

anyways,peace and game on

CrashSpyro1233650d ago

From what I've played of it, it's not going to be anything you'd play in for hours a day, but visit from time to time for 15 to 30 minutes and mess around to have fun. I've checked out the arcade games and they're neat, though being able to unlock new clothing and items is the best part about them since the initial selection is lacking. The quest to unlock more stuff without paying a dime will probably be my main interest in Home for now until more games support the game launching and Sony starts to hold events and such in Home for E3 and CES, hopefully. The echochrome suit I got for playing the stripped down arcade version is just straight poppin' fresh. Sony just needs to keep building on this and evolving it with updates like everything else they've done with the PS3 since its launch.

If you've got a Japanese PSN account, download the Namco arcade beta thing that's free and you can play Pac-Man, Galaga, Xevious, and Dig Dug to unlock retro Namco stuff and clothes for Home.