Startling number of Wii Play copies sold

November NPD numbers revealed that, yet again, Wii Play was in the top 10 software sales. The title has consistently placed in the top 10, and so far has sold 7.9 units in total.

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Shnazzyone3623d ago

These stats basicly back up the fact you could sell a pile of 3 year old dog crap as long as it's packaged with a wiimote it'll sell just fine. For years and years and years.

Timesplitter143623d ago

Wii sells loke hot cakes and PS3 struggles to survive....

What the hell is wrong with this world?

steveg25643623d ago

Maybe the world is asking what's wrong with you.

Kleptic3623d ago

no, its the world hates video games...and impulse buys a device that has a thing you wiggle at a tv screen instead...

it is mildly humorous as to how well the thing is selling right now...but seriously...this industry will never be taken seriously ever again if the record setting console to beat is a Nintendo could go on to top the PS2 at this games will NEVER be 'cool' again...

ah whatever...its very obvious that I simply don't get the to each their own...its just I don't like the idea of the industry shifting focus onto Wii like stuff in the future because it became so popular...I hate the Wii because it is a potential catalyst towards a movement that I simply never want to happen...if only Wii like devices are available some day...I won't play video games anymore...

Covenant3623d ago

It's a Wii remote and a game for $10 more than the remote by itself. People think they're getting a bargain, when in reality the extra games are barely worth the $10.

It sells because of the perceived value.

Smacktard3623d ago

I agree, but some of the games really aren't that bad. I'm looking at you, Laser Air Hockey, Tanks Wars, and sort-of the Cow Racing one and Pool.

mjones19943623d ago

It only sells well because it comes with a free controller.

Sitdown3623d ago

I think you have it backwards......its selling because it's only $10.

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The story is too old to be commented.