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VGChartz's Stephen LaGioia: "Aside from the lack of board games, solo-focused content, and new material in general, Mario Party Superstars very much excels. It's emphatically become one of the most appealing multiplayer games on Switch, and proves a high watermark in a franchise that’s been full of ups and downs. A slew of fun content, sleek presentation, QoL improvements, and solid online play make this a definitive Mario Party game. Being a sort of antithesis of the more unique, motion-heavy Super Mario Party, diehard fans of that game may be somewhat turned off by this reprisal, with its far safer approach. But if you can appreciate this one for what it is - a polished, fleshed-out homage to Golden Era-Mario Party - then this gem really shines."

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iraqmilner58d ago

Oh, man! I really want to like Mario Party games, but I've always found the CPU/AI to be completely unfair. I'd love to know your thoughts, guys!

Tacoboto58d ago

I played two 15 round games with my spouse and two CPU players on normal difficulty over the weekend. It seemed decently balanced for something we'll play maybe once or twice a week, no more than one game a session.

Fntastic58d ago

It's way better than something like smash bros which gets very repetitive fast