New Halo Infinite Trailers Are Emotional & Epic

Microsoft just released two trailers dedicated to its massively-anticipated first-person shooter Halo Infinite.

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JohnJ48d ago

Yep - fair play, got me excited to step into the armour again 💚

Fishy Fingers48d ago

Quite a few of these videos now, I'm wondering it they're taken from or a taste of the TV show.

redrum0648d ago

I can't wait to play the campaign!!

SenorFartCushion48d ago

Never played the MP. The battlepass and progression are quite bad once again for an MP game, but I’m excited for the campaign. I’m not sure on how epic the campaign will feel if it’s just an open world map, but hopefully there are some nice set pieces and some decent stories to be had.

I prefer linear games. Regardless of what a lot of people say, linear games offer more of a world than simple open world games can. You can go from planet to planet in just a short loading screen, which is next to impossible to do in most games. The ones that do offer seamless own worlds are usually filled with empty desert planets as opposed to the grandeur offered within linear levels.

JenzKid9548d ago

Can't say you've never played a game and then say the progression is bad.

I agree the battlepass and store items are overpriced/underwhelming. But sometimes people just want to play a game that's fun and actually isn't broken at launch.

Had more fun in a week of playing Halo with my friends than the last 4 iterations of progression based shooter boys e.g Call of duty/Battlefield.

SenorFartCushion48d ago

Well, I can. The progression is not opinionated, it can be measured by how much do you get match by match. I’ve got friends and family who own the game and they’ve told me how long it takes to get from a to b.

The second paragraph is my final straw. The very idea of a battlepass means that the game has been underdesigned and will rely as being a service game as opposed to a good multiplayer game. That’s not a good thing for anyone who lacks the time to fully get invested into a multiplayer mode. I’m
Annoyed about this, because I liked playing Halo online. The last one for me was Reach and before that it was ODST’s co-op and horde mode.

Ironically the last game I played like this was Overwatch, and that was built to be a service game, but a service game only. I’ll just play the campaign and find something else. I’ve been playing Riders Republic in single player while
being connected, but it doesn’t let you play events properly with friends, it just turns into a 1 v 1, which, while fun, does take a lot of the chaos from the presentation. Usually there are 12 bots there to build the atmosphere. They even crash like real players. 😂

Noskypeno48d ago

I don't care about the armor, I'm more worried about being forced to play modes that I don't want. Every other Halo allowed you to choose between slayer and objective modes along with infection and random wacky fiesta modes designed to be a break from the sweaty tryhards. Sometimes I just want to play swat or snipers 10 times in a row, sometimes I like fiesta and every other halo game has that option. I haven't played infinite yet, Im waiting til launch, and playing the campaign before mp like I always do and hopefully they improve the playlists, because the gameplay looks fun

jeromeface48d ago

ever think that might have more to do with the franchise not being fatigued and oversaturated and less to do with the IP's involved? Step away from battlefield for 5 years like I did... 2042 isn't near as bad as haters are playing it out to be. Can't say the same for CoD.. because again, I don't buy everything every year and neither should u.

TheDoomedGuy47d ago

Well...I wouldn't go comparing halo to cod or battlefield and think it's a big deal that it's better than those.... Those iterations have been stale for a long time. At this point they're just selling the brand name. Halo is headed in that direction unless the single player campaign is awesome.

KillBill47d ago

He is not wrong about the progression being bad. 343i has admitted as much that they need to fix it.

"But sometimes people just want to play a game that's fun and actually isn't broken at launch." Except they have completely gutted the Multiplayer experience we had before. Tore it down to bare bones basics. Gave us a single armor to use with very limited modification. Then they bring along a Fiesta Event adding 1 more armor but it is obvious that too is simply a marketing ploy to entice purchase because everything about it too is locked behind paywall. Everything we expected from multiplayer previously when it came along with campaign total package has now been removed. No ranks, no progression, and a point system in game that now has absolutely zero reason for being in the game. It does absolutely nothing but allow pop-ups of points in game as if you are earning something but it works towards nothing at all.

I love the game play but hate the game it has become. I preferred the game when it wasn't F2P. They should have given an option to those that have the campaign can still earn towards rankings and unlocks as they always have in previous multiplayer experiences. Then anyone that doesn't want to purchase the campaign or support GamePass can simply play the F2P model as their heart desires.

4Sh0w47d ago

"Except they have completely gutted the Multiplayer experience we had before. Tore it down to bare bones basics. Gave us a single armor to use with very limited modification."

-Huh, completely gutted the Multiplayer experience? Are you crazy the MP experience has always been about refined arena style gunplay, sharpening your skills with each weapon & creativity ingame & pulling off cool tricks just for fun. In fact it wasnt until Halo3 where customization really started and it certainly wasnt a huge amount of customization, as a longtime Halo fan Ive actually never seen so much talk about it:

"But, look, this entire conversation misses the key point: Halo has never been about this stuff. Since the days of Halo: Combat Evolved, in 2001, Halo has always been about the game itself—about winning matches just to win, about sharpening your kill-death ratio, about messing around and having a blast with fun-feeling vehicles and weapons you couldn’t find in any other game, then pairing them with ridiculous match parameters, all in the effort of meshing creativity with competition. Though you could always tweak your look, playing Halo was never a matter of being so preoccupied with changing your visor color. As reporter Gene Park noted at The Washington Post, the chatter today has highlighted a stark divide between how we played games then and how we play games now."

JenzKid9547d ago

I'm not comparing Halo to Call of duty or Battlefield directly, I'm saying that games don't always have to have a progression system to be fun.

I'd rather a game give me enjoyable gameplay than another attachment to unlock.

Yes the battlepass takes too long to unlock things, and the store items are grossly overpriced, those things should be addressed. But the game is fun, it's the best halo since Halo 3 multiplayer wise for me, that alone gives me enough reason to play.

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Si-Fly48d ago

I don’t get why cosmetic unlocks and the way they are earned is stopping you from playing Halo online? It’s fucking awesome dude, you say you’ve played halo online before well this is the best it’s been in I don’t know how long. Stop worrying about the XP and all that bollocks and just get online and start having a blast!!

SenorFartCushion48d ago

I just don’t get over the feeling that the thing can be unfinished. I’m a player from about ten years ago, when the only thing needed to progress past the true ending is the prestige and whatever translates to other games.

I think too many people are too quick to jump in to anything nowadays. Even loading screens are marketing. It feels good just to say no to experiences that feel forced. Microtransactions and service-style mechanics are the reason I’ve picked to say no. Same thing for something like… a Marvel movie. I don’t have to see every one because I know that narratively, they’re all mostly the same film. Games as service games are basically the same thing every time. They launch unfinished, they have bad progression and no real value for your time. Cba. Shallow mechanics aren’t enough to separate a cod from a Halo. They’ll both have Battle Royals and cameos and timed events eventually, so why bother with any? I’d rather go for a run and then replay The Master Chief collection.

spicelicka48d ago

Battlepass and progression are completely cosmetic and don't affect gameplay at all. People need to stop being so superficial and care about skins and colours. If you're that superficial then stay away, if you're like me then you won't even notice or care what's being unlocked. I just hop in with my friends, care about winning and having a competitive match with satisfying kills.

SenorFartCushion48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Cosmetics are bad too. I grew up one or two years before games started taking things out and selling them back to people piece by piece (probably around 2014/15 😂) just cosmetic. There’s no such thing as “just.” It’s one more thing that’s been taken from you that otherwise would have been in there.

Rephrasing it as “something that would have been in the game already, or would have been sold separately for a $3 price, now for you to own for $14 a time - minimum.”

Cosmetics are a part of a game. They really belong to the players. Now the players are having single cosmetics sold to them for more than the cost of an indie game. That’s not something that can be ignored. It’s taking advantage of everyone who plays, you included.

Go to Milan at the height of fashion week and say the clothes are “just cosmetic,” see how they react over there. You’d be right, because they are a cosmetic item. But early on, some greedy scumbag found a way to monetise those clothes to rip-off normal working people, and turned it into a billion dollar industry. One that avoids taxes, causing shortages like childrens hospitals going without proper financing.

These issues are different for some adults. They’re very serious businesses.

I know you wrote stop being superficial, but it’s clear that I’m not, am I. There’s more to life than what is and what isn’t superficial.

Sitdown48d ago

Hahaha, did you really just compare Milan in real life to putting a paint of coat on a digital spartan? Haha, stop it. You let me know when you can physically touch the items in game, and how it changes your game play.

NotoriousWhiz48d ago

I remember playing online games where the only progression was your rank (if they even had that). It was fine then. It should be fine now. The fact that now you can unlock extra stuff is a bonus not a negative.

Kurt Russell48d ago

I got into Halo when the only option was to change the colour of your master chief spartan. It was a blast then, it's a blast now.

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Si-Fly48d ago

Well the last time I played Halo there wasn’t any kind of progression other than ranking up, we were all stuck using the same few cosmetic choices and that absolutely didn’t detract from the experience. Thankfully I still don’t care about anything other than getting better at the game and having fun with friends online in the same way we were 14 years ago. I feel a bit sorry for you tbh :(

NotoriousWhiz48d ago

I agree 100% with this. All of the great competitive games of the past didn't have any progression. Warcraft, starcraft, counterstrike go, socom, older halos, quake, etc.

CaptainHenry91648d ago

An open world Halo still doesn't make sense to me. But we'll see how it turns out

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spicelicka48d ago

I get the sentiment and in this case your gripe should be with free to play games in general, and pretty much every MP game there is now days. I'm just trying to tell you how you can enjoy the MP without indulging in any of that. You're enjoying the game and not giving the devs any money for MTX. Not a lot of F2P games are purely cosmetic.

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