Mass Effect Amazon Series - Everything You Need to Know

Faceless Gaming's Alex Writes: A series loved for the universe it created and the stories set within that universe, Mass Effect and the big screen seemed like a combination just waiting to happen. With Amazon boldly pushing their way into the sci-fi and fantasy genres, after buying the rights to a Lord of the Rings series and having recently released their Wheel of Time series, the news that Amazon were nearing a deal with BioWare to purchase the rights to produce a Mass Effect show did not come as a major surprise.

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anast57d ago

I'm playing this now. ME 1 looks a bit old, but the story is cool. This is my first time with the series.

CKPan56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

YEAP, what ever you do, don't give it to Netflix. Look how they massacred the wither.

ColtPSSX56d ago

From what I recall at of people actually liked the Witcher.

Cowboy bebop tho. Not so much

WelkinCole56d ago

Book fans like me didn't like it though. There were a few major changes that completely changed some of the key moments but overall its still good. Espesically for those that didn't read the books before

Rebel_Scum56d ago

"Massacred?" Turn it up mate, Netflix did a great job with it.

DJStotty56d ago

I wonder if they will release the first season, and then ask you to buy a comic to find out what happens to the Quarians?

Hofstaderman56d ago

Well they doing a splendid job with The Expanse