Accessibility is Video Games Bright Light, But There Are Exceptions

In a time where the industry seems to be constantly growing in bad press, innovations in accessibility maybe its biggest redeeming factor.

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Knightofelemia51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Videogames may have a negative side that shows more in the industry but the positives out weight that. The disabled don't see the negative side of the games they see the positive side of gaming. Whether they are playing Sonic, Mario, Halo, Sly Cooper, Doom. The important part is that disabled person gets a shit eating grin enjoying that game no matter the title. Video games as an entity show no hatred and are inclusive to anybody no matter, age, sex, gender, religion. It's only the idiots that show the negative side. And yes by idiots angry fanboys, greedy companies, racist assholes, pissed off kids or adults acting like kids. But I see the positive out shines that for the disabled they are included in a videogame whether killing aliens, enjoying a story from an rpg, or playing a platformer. I wish more companies did more to include the disabled. Some companies have which is good but some companies will do it to pretend to care and do it more as a pat on the back we did well PR bull shit. The disabled have a right like anybody else to be entertained whether a videogame or a movie of the favorite character. I even went out of my way as a collector to buy the Xbox controller Microsoft made for the disabled.