Sony's PS3 A Sinking Ship: Sales Plummet

Eric Krangel writes: Alone among the three major videogame consoles, sales of the PS3 are down about 19% from November 2007, according to the latest stats from the NPD Group. Sony was only able to sell 378,000 PS3s this November, compared to 466,000 last year.

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BananaSlug3599d ago

wow... what a professional article....


chasuk083599d ago

If this does get approved which it most likely will I just want to take time to give my hate about the fools we have on N4G who like to approve articles, without checking for duplicates. And the fact users approve negative articles of a system to purposely spark a fanboys reactions.

These types of articles are pointless to everyone and are just made to get hits to their site and cause arguments.

happyface3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

this article is very unprofessional because they dont like a product I like

CNN put up this flamebait article just looking for hits today

meepmoopmeep3599d ago

the way it was written... lol, wow

Yoma3599d ago

CNN,and NBC, owned by Microsoft

CrazzyMan3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )


There will be 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and maybe even more years, during which ps3 will be selling A LOT. =)

I remember, there were a lot negative articles in 2007, YET PS3 continued selling and AA games continued coming.
PS3 FTW! :)

kevnb3599d ago

cnn is owned by time warner...

WANNA GET HIGH3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

NO its not a sinking ship,Most people are buying both consoles including me thhis gen.Last gen most people only had a ps2 but this gen people have a 360 and ps3.And most ps2 owneres are going to the 360.I have 7friends that only had a ps2 and did not buy an xbox but just last week they all went out to buy a 360 and they do not plan of buying a ps3,infact 3of them said they think its time to move on from the playstation brand,they were so angry when they saw the price of a ps3 during christmas period that they just bought the 360 bundle)I admit sony will finish last this gen but it will still make all its profit lost and they will not make the same mistake they made with the ps3 buy bringing out a price that was just insane and thinking of it first as a blu ray player and a game console second.But with that said why should any of u care about sales, u dont make a single profit form what they sell.U argue over there consoles but the ceo of sony and ms are makeing millions most of u are never gonna see half a million in ur life not to talk about a million.Just buy both consoles, i can assure u that u will love having a 360 and ps3.

SL1M DADDY3599d ago


*adds Eric Krangel to Worlds Biggest Douche-Bag List*

Nuff said.

XxZxX3599d ago

funny, this person of this articile can only see one part of the world and call himself proffesional.

cellypower3599d ago

I don't understand why people care so much about sales.Its all about the games for me!

CommonSense3599d ago

the article highlights good reasons for why ps3 isn't doing well and all the fanboys can say is it was written poorly?

my theory is that fanboys are only fanboys because they are so full of themselves that they can't stand feeling like they are in support of the wrong ideals in gaming.

as a real gamer, i go where the games are. this generation, it's the 360. it's not because i auto-prefer 360 to ps3. i have both. but my 360 is the system i play much much more often because of its library of games.

ps3 fanboys can shout all day about how sony has more first party developers and ps3 is more powerful. but in REALITY the top tier games on ps3 (Resistance, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword etc...) don't look any better than the top games on 360. and the top games on 360 are generally longer single player games, and have better multiplayer. not to mention that EVERY 360 game must have achievement points giving meaning to the achievement system and every game is required to have an online element even if it's just letting your friends know exactly what progress you've made, or where you're located now, or what boss you're fighting.

at this point you'd think all the "hardcore gamers" that the ps3 has would have switched to 360 simply because it's where the majority of the other gamers are. more ppl play gears than every ps3 exclusive combined.

and i know this is going to probably get reported for spam or offensive or whatever, and i fully expect the irrational, barely able to construct a sentence n4g community to shun me for expressing an unbiased, yet logical opinion, but the facts are the facts. microsoft simply outdid sony in almost every way. they got the games (doesn't matter if they bought them), they have the online community and support, and they've expanded console gaming as a whole more this generation than ever before online and off.

add all this to the other reasons in the article (scared consumers due to supposedly bad economy) and it's obvious why sony isn't doing very well. they need a new strategy. and i don't understand why so many of you are fanboys for them anyway. you say ridiculous things that you've been saying for years. "xbox is at it's peak, ps will last for years and year." "they are only now tapping its potential. we're only using 60% of the processor." why? cuz sony has done so much for you this generation? seems to me they promised their supporters the world, and so far they've given us less than a handful of quality games, a LOUSY online platform, an even lousier online community of mic-less users, and countless delays. wake up people. we're gamers! we go where the games are!

Orix3599d ago

Wow, just wow! Talking about unprofessional post! They quickly threw their credibility in the trash can! The words they use, can't believe they said "flop" and "mediocre game library simply". Talking about your taste as facts...

DiabloRising3599d ago

"the article highlights good reasons for why ps3 isn't doing well and all the fanboys can say is it was written poorly? "

Except it DOESN'T. And it's also topped off with a nice fanboy rant of an ending that is frankly, just bure bullsh1t.

I'll be the first to say Sony needs a major price cut and it needs to improve its marketing. But if you think this article has "good reasons" other than those two I just mentioned, YOU sir need to start using your brain. You can have your preference, as well you should, and play what interests YOU. But even if you prefer one system over the other, you should see that this "article" is rather unprofessional.

darkequitus3599d ago

CNN + Time Warner
NBC = NBC Universal Studios

The more articles like this, average person will start to believe and the PS3 will end up dead.

It is a shame but just like N4G, the major media companies can interpret and distort facts in dangerous ways. Shame. S3 is going nowhere


mesh13599d ago

were is the Leonardo DiCaprio and seline Dion when you ned them the titanic is sinking again hahaha

IcarusOne3599d ago

Well said, sir. Bubbles for you. I for one am tired of this fanboy bullsh*t. I never considered myself a fanboy of any console until I saw how rabid and irrational the sony-phites are on this site. I loved PS1 and PS2 and was very excited for PS3, but it's been a disappointment overall. The games, the community, the thrills are typically found on my 360 (one man's opinion). When/if Sony gets its act together, I'll be rolling in the awesome along with everybody else.

But until that day, my 360 will continue to satisfy.

Bubble Buddy3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

1. It's the most expensive console on the market, $150 - $200 more than its rivals. Even if you believe the video game industry is "recession-proof" (it isn't), a tanking economy makes consumers more price-conscious.
2. The PS3's big bonus is its ability to double as a Blu-Ray player. Too bad no one seems to care about hi-def DVDs. The differences between Blu-Ray and DVD are hard to see on a TV less than 50".
3. The PS3 just doesn't have any must-have titles exclusive to the console. "LittleBigPlanet" has generated decent buzz but isn't a game-changer, and neither is Sony's new virtual world "Home."

1. Wrong if you're my type of gamer. For my Xbox: I had to buy a
Pro: $300
Wi-fi: $70
XBL: $60/year

PS3: $400
Motorola Bluetooth headset: $20

What's more expensive now?

2. No one cares about High-def dvds?

NEWSFLASH: apparently no one cares about Blu-ray. /sarcasm.

3. Shall we bring out the list again? Both consoles in my opinion have about the same amount of exclusives so far, and PS3 was released a year later!

Plus that $200 360 he mentions near the end does not even have a hard drive. o_0. That's like Sony selling a stripped PS3 with no wi-fi,hard drive, etc etc. for $200.

Megaton3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I learned a long, long time ago that the mainstream media knows next to nothing about the game industry. To give a CNN example, look back to the Glenn Beck/Jack Thompson circle jerk in which they said you could have anal sex in strip clubs and chainsaw cops in half in GTAIV.

The author makes some good recycled points that everyone already knows, but he also spews out Microsoft PR talking points (nearly word-for-word), and makes it clear that he has never seen something run in HD before, or he's legally blind. Shouldn't have plucked this guy from whatever blog he probably ran before getting a gig at CNN. He sounds like the mouthpiece of the N4G open zone and amateur fanblogs all over the internet.

Seeing this article for what it is, is more about spotting uninformed amateur writers than any kind of bizarre corporate loyalty.

ruibing3599d ago

I first didn't understand how this article, first one with the word "flop", could appear on a CNN money, but it's actually from some lesser known CNN affiliate. Not only is it biased, the very last sentence of "Tell yourself the PS3 has superior graphics if it makes you feel better" confirms that this is intended to generate web traffic from PS3 owners.

SL1M DADDY3599d ago

Thanks for pointing out the obvious flaws in the article. I was going to do the same but you hit the nail right on top. Too bad folks here like IcarusOne and CommonSense could not see the flaws in the article. It just shows who the article was written for... The ignorant fanboys that hate on the PS3 for truly no reason. At least, no reason valid enough to repeat.

godofthunder103599d ago

Istead of saying someting fanboys all ways takeing cheap shots at people.If they say something to suppost their belives instead of saying stupid remarks then maybe they can make a point.

I'll admitt that the ps3 isn't going any where and i don't even like the ps3.I'll admitt that the ps3 is the most dependable console every made but it's not helping them.The wii will win this generation.The 360 probaly come in 2nd but it want be by much.People need to remember that the new xbox and the ps4 will be out in 3 or 4 years.Ps3 fanboys keep saying it want.A sony spokemen already admitted that they are working on the ps4 right now.I'm tired of reading stupid remarks from ps3 fanboys saying that the next 360 want be as powerful as this one is.They act like the ps3 is 3 to 4 times more powerful then the 360.The fact is that they are really close in power.I've read different articles on it.The only ones that keep saying it's more powerful is ps3 fanboys,sony,and sony affilits.

I have a 360 and i love it.I wouldn't trade my 360 for a ps3 for anything,i wouldn't even buy a ps3 because i don't like it.Just because i don't like the ps3 i want say it's crap.The ps3 is a good system but they have a lot of people that like the wii and 360 more.Just because people have a wii or 360 it doesn't mean that we really wanted a ps3 but we are to poor to get a ps3 like a lot of ps3 fanboys are saying.The fact is that the 360 has more games i like on it and it's just as powerful as the ps3.Ps3 fanboys are still bringing up the RROD even after microsoft fixed the problem.They act like sony never had any problem with the PS.The fact is that the ps2 had a defected drive it it.Sony lost a class action law suit and had to repair them.Sony just gave people a 2 month warrinty on the ps2.After 2 months and the ps2 went out to had to pay sony to fix it or buy a new one.I think that microsoft did a hell of a lot better then sony did when it came to the extra warrinty to fix defects in their systems.I can't understand how ps3 fanboys could say that microsoft screwed the people because they only gave us 3 only gave a 2 month warrinty on the ps2 so i guess sony made us eat sh*t then.

Ps3 fanboys keep saying that sony is the innovater and the wii and 360 just coppy them.The fact is that sony never was an ennovator when it comes to systems as a matter of fact they all copy each other.The moition controller been out way before the wii even had was used on computers a few years before nintendo ever used it.Sony coppied off the wii moition controller when they seen how people liked it.Sony coppied off the xbox with the online was the first one with a hard drive.Sony even coppied off microsoft when they made the ps4 a media center because the xbox started it first.I still remember when sony ps2 fanboys was saying that people don't want a media center they want a game system.Now that the ps4 has it they are saying it's great.Don't get me wrong 360 fanboys do the same thing.If people read almost all the article written by fanboys they will see how they always sing a different tune when it comes to the system they have.people like these are hypercrits and it's time they grow up.

fanboys never give credit where credit is due and it's childish.They are always saying all the games on the system they have are good and every one on the other system is over rated and they sux.They would say the opposite of the same game if it's on the system they have and it's pathetic.

I think that the ps3 and the 360 are great systems.They both have negative and positive things about them.they both have good and bad games on them.

iHEARTboobs3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Sinking ship? DoOoOomed! Get over it. None of these consoles are going anywhere. Live with it. Better yet, just play some games.

edit: One more thing. Those who say it's a sinking ship can say hello to all the kickass new and old franchises that will be making appearances next year and the years after.

fishd3599d ago

Jan-Nov 2007,US : X360 = 3,359,100 [][][][][] PS3 = 1,758,800
Jan-Nov 2008,US : X360 = 3,229,000 [][][][][] PS3 = 2,819,000

PS3 sales increased by 1,033,200 <---million for ffs
360 sales >>>>decreased<& lt;< by 130,000

callahan093599d ago

Yeah, seriously. "a mediocre game library."

Give me a frickin' break.

Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 1/2, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Disgaea 3, Valkyria Chronicles, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Eye of Judgment, Warhawk, Bioshock, Eternal Sonata, Fallout 3, Oblivion, Grand Theft Auto 4, Call of Duty: Modern Combat/World at War, Rock Band 1/2, Guitar Hero 3/World Tour, and on and on and on.

The library isn't mediocre. People need to quit with that bullcrap. It's got great games, both exclusive, multiplatform, and downloadable.

And the argument about blu-ray is just false. Blu-Ray is seeing a huge surge of interest, and its taking a fair share of the market for an expensive, and still very new format.

Real Gambler3599d ago

This is from a blogger who's writing all kind of techno babble all the time. (He is the one who said Symantec and Mcaffee are dead because Microsoft now offer a free antivirus and spyware tool... They make the O.S. They should fix it so you don't have huge holes in it, so you don't need antivirus and spywares...)

So, he came up with 3 reasons that any of YOU have heard 1 zillion times so far in every blogs or forums. Cut and paste in his blog, and now this is News for News 4 Gamers. Very sad. Seriously, did anybody never read those 3 reasons anywhere yet? Great journalism, when, all you do, is cut and past something that has been posted on the web so often already.

Last: I believe Sony managed to sell 400,000 PS3 last month, in the U.S. alone, during a recession, while the console is twice the price of any other consoles.... That's bad? Not in my book! Technically they still loose money on each consoles they sell, so I'm glad they didn't sold 2 millions consoles... Then, they would have had to close the door for sure!

GiantEnemyCrab3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Bubble Buddy: The crap you listed is not required to play a game on the Xbox 360. You can go to the store, buy an Arcade and go home and play a game and whether you believe it or not that is usually plenty for the type of audience the Arcade sku is directed at.

Just think if Sony would of made a stripped down PS3 we wouldn't be reading about a sinking ship(even if it is BS).

Ask the 2mil Wii owners that bought the system this last month. They don't give 2 sh*ts about wireless, HDD or playing online. They just want something to play a few times a month with the family.

nycredude3599d ago

With such a nick you would expect some from you but all your comment says is you are a fanboy. "More people play gears than all of Sony Exclusives combined?" GTFO. Why don't you do the math and check out how much Gears sold you idiot.

You go where the games go so you have a 360? yeah ok. Where is the library of new games from MS? you must be talking about the past maybe three years ago. Because looking forward it is obvious where the games are , don't try to deny it cause the truth is out. Since we are talking about a library of games and not new games coming out. Then what about Ps2 games and Ps1 games? Clearly Sony has a far more superior gaming library than xbox 360 can ever hope to have plus a slew of killer apps coming soon.

Your comment is nothing but BS if we use your own common sense. Give me a break. Go ahead and convince me of how Ms has the better and larger library? I have a launch ps3 so I have access to any Ps3, 3 and 1 game. How are you going to beat that? Let me guess There are more people playing Gears than all of Sony's ps1, 2 and 3 exclusive games combined right?

Commonsense, something you are definitely lacking.

prowiew3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Its funny how fanboys from n4g criticize fanboy articles. Anyway, It looks like the author is mad or something. And for the record this article comes from the blog, not cnn. Now, I dont know if this blog is owned by cnn.
ps. In alleyinsider is another article about how psp is a flop also. Go check it for yourself

The Lazy One3599d ago

You're dumb if you paid that much for wifi and xbl.

Wait for sales, you can get XBL for $40 a year, and you only need a wireless access point, which you can get for $30-$40

cmrbe3599d ago

watching CNN or FOX news is like watching a reality TV show. Almost everything is sensationalize. You don't know if it real or not and reporters think that the audience are dumb not to know when they are bullshiting.

This is why i love BBC. They give you the news as is and genuinely have respect for their audience intelligence.

If this guy did some actual research then he would have found out that the PS3 has actually preformed much better than they did last year.

What the fvck is going on with journalist now days?.

heroicjanitor3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

You are very weird. What games have microsoft bought? They buy timed exclusives not games. Sony makes games for the system. A lot of them. PS3 exclusives have been a lot better than 360 exclusives for a while now. These are the facts. The reason you like the 360 is because of the online community not the games, and I don't hate you for that, but stop saying the 360 has better games. It doesn't. It has been out 3 years and has less exclusives than the ps3, which has been out 2 years. We see where the future is especially with the games next year.

austere3599d ago

it's not professional when it states nothing but facts?


evrfighter3599d ago

Ya I'm so sure CNN was looking for web site hits because their starving for advertisement revenue. They don't need a cheesy article with the intent of sparking a "flame war" to pull in more money. I can probably guarantee you their editorial stuff have never heard of n4g or kotaku.

@ Yoma...your not serious right? NBC is owned by GE and CNN by Time Warner. These are 2 of the top 5 media conglomerates in the U.S. Microsoft isn't even close to making that list.

CommonSense3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

those aren't facts. those are your opinion. in my opinion resistance is a rip off answer to halo and not a very good one. resistance 2 is kind of fun but it's not at all graphically impressive and the multiplayer is just a giant clustf**k. Heavenly sword was a button masher 5 hour boring experience where the boss fights simply came down to pushing prompted buttons on the screen. Uncharted was an attempt at blandly blending disney style story telling with gears style combat and it failed miserably (oh yeah, and the boss fights simply came down to pushing prompted buttons on the screen (noticing a theme here)). MGS4 was a great experience and a great story..but gameplay wise it was simply a race to the next check point and when you actually got into combat it always played out the same way: kill as many guys as possibly while trying to find a place your suit could blend well with. LBP is sort of fun but the advertised appeal was user created content and we've seen how well that has worked out.

meanwhile we have record setting halo and gears on 360. almost every 3rd party game on both systems has not only sold better on 360 but also looks and plays better. of course there are acceptions to that. like that incredibly popular game...umm...what's it called...quake wars.

so you are wrong. and don't tell me what games are better what aren't. since better is a matter of opinion the only thing we can go on are sales. and the sales show that software does leaps n bounds better on 360. sony's "amazing" (funny how ps3 fanboys can't find any other adjectives to describe their titles) exclusives barely break the million mark while 360 has had a few that sold over a million in the opening week.

don't tell me i don't have common sense. you are criticizing an opinion with no factual basis and then calling it FACT. LOL. listen kids, you might want to look up what common sense is before telling ppl they lack it.

as for what i said about MS buying games. i meant exactly that, buying out 3rd party devs for timed exclusives and buying away sony's timed exclusives.

you crack me up though. saying "sony's exclusives are better than microsofts. that is fact." that is exactly the opposite of fact. that is your opinion. and the sales don't support your claim.

@nycredude same thing to you. you have no idea what you're talking about and you're trying to pass off opinion as fact. and since both of you are compelled to bring up "new" titles, just read what i've already said. resistance, lbp, uncharted, hs, lair, haze, i could go on. you built these games up so much and then when they came out, nobody wanted to buy them. they were lucky to hit 1 mil. they didn't come close to gears 2 which is a 'NEW' game. so now what do you do. all the ps3 fanboys huddle around killzone 2. why? because it's the next game you can put your weight on to support your claims. in fact, the only things that ever support a ps3 fanboy's claims are games that aren't out yet. because you can't put weight on the games that have come out because nobody bought them, they didn't review as well as you claimed they would, and nobody even talks about them now. so we'll see about killzone. i am pretty excited for killzone as well. but in the mean time, i'll be playing 360.


most ppl who know anything about gaming would only use wifi as a last resort since it can spike at any moment. second. ps3 doesn't even ship with HD cables and if you buy an HDMI cable at the store, what are you paying extra? plus pretty sure the standards ps3s don't come with headsets and up until recently the system shipped with one vibrationless controller. it's really silly when fanboys try to screw with the numbers to support their 'facts' ... the problem is that you can manipulate the numbers any way you want to make them look favorable to you. it doesn't prove anything. my ps3 was a bundle and i still had to buy hd cables and a headset. my 360 was a day one launch and did come with cables, a remote, and a headset and it was over 100 dollars less.

one thing i will def say for sony. the blu ray is the saving grace. i disagree with the article about image quality. i have a 42" and i notice a world of difference between my blu ray and my dvds. but again...unfortunately...i dont' know many ppl that buy the hard copy version of their media. it's so much more convenient to download. and i'm not saying ppl don't, i'm sure they do. but i just think blu ray (as a movie format) is no longer essential due to the ease of streaming and downloading movies (i'm speaking from a pc/360 perspective though since just getting an update on psn takes 20 minutes, i can't imagine how long a full game or movie would take...few days?).

@the moron below me (rockleex)

"You wanna talk about facts? MGS4 is still the game with the best graphics on any console so far, followed up by Uncharted. There are scenes that are so CG-like, the only thing reminding you its real time is how they let you control the zoom of the camera."

those aren't facts...those are opinions. also, uncharted looks like crap...especially the explosions. and MGS does look great, and i def gave it credit for that, but it is hardly the best looking game on console.

"You wanna talk about facts? Gran Turismo offers the most realistic physics compared to any other racing "simulators" out there. Guess what, Polyphony are going to apply real world physics damage to their cars soon too. Never before done on any racing games."

actually gran turismo never added in any damage physics because they couldn't get it to work right, and even after forza incorporated it in two games, GT is still struggling to implement it. and i never knocked GT, it does a great job for what it does, but it's not out yet..... and that little demo ya'll paid 30 dollars for...silly.

i guess the bottom line here is you're an idiot fanboy who can't listen to entire ideas and simply cuts them off at the instant an insult to your favorite thing in life (ps3) is made. which explains why when you quoted me, you cut off the end of the sentence...makes your point look more valid. grow up. but you're right...truth does hurt, that's why you (and the other kid, fanboy, corporate slave sony supporters) take so much offense to my comment.

Tarasque3599d ago

Funny how fanboys can't take criticism well, doesn't change the fact it still isn't selling well.

gaffyh3599d ago

This should have failed approval simply for the fact that there is a ! in the title, which is clearly against the contributor rules.

@happyface - get a life man.

Beast_Master3599d ago

I think I am actually starting to like the idea of Sony being the underdog. Just keep posting the "End of Sony Computer Entertainment" articles. There is no use in arguing the points anymore. PS3 has lost, GoW3 and GT5 will not boost sales next year, neither will a price cut because 360 is on the hearts and minds of every gamer now :( /Scarasm

Doom and Gloom!!

Dark Knight on BR is going right back to the store!!

rockleex3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Here's some common sense for you... longer paragraphs does NOT make your BS any more legitimate.

"MGS4 gameplay wise was simply a race to the next check point and when you actually got into combat it always played out the same way: kill as many guys as possible"

Wow!! I never knew MGS4 was the only game that has objectives and checkpoints and has combat in between them!! -_-"

You wanna talk about record sales? MGS4 sold nearly 4 million copies in its opening weekend for a console that only had 15 million units sold at that point.

You wanna talk about facts? MGS4 is still the game with the best graphics on any console so far, followed up by Uncharted. There are scenes that are so CG-like, the only thing reminding you its real time is how they let you control the zoom of the camera.

You wanna talk about facts? Gran Turismo offers the most realistic physics compared to any other racing "simulators" out there. Guess what, Polyphony are going to apply real world physics damage to their cars soon too. Never before done on any racing games.

I gotta say, the future's not looking too bright for the 360. Especially when it can't even compete with the Wii when it costs $50 less! And the Wii can't even do HD! Ahahah.

Truth hurts, doesn't it? Imagine if the PS3 were in the 360's position, there would be 10 times the amount of articles about how the PS3's "failing".

TresTrendu3599d ago

Man sorry for you getting ripped off for the price of live. I can get it all the time for 40 bucks off amazon. But if you was a real online gamer then you wouldn't use wireless. Just spend 10 bucks for a cat5 cable. Hey also dont forget to add price for Hd cables and a rumble controller for the PS3, which comes boxed in every 360. Yes i know the PS3 has rumble controllers now, but people that had a PS3 before that had to buy a 55 controller for rumble including myself.

Danja3599d ago

This guy obviously has never touched a PS3 in his life..?

The PS3 has no games thing is soo 2007 , come every major gaming website has said PS3 had the best software line-up this year..

The PS3 also has the best selling HD game this year..

@CommonSense aka . 360 fanboy in disguise

R2 online is crap..? which is why it's been winning best Multi-player experiences awards form gaming sites

Heaven;y Sword was not 5 hrs dude , and the last Boss Battle was epic ..

Uncharted has Gears gameplay..? what a cover system ? Gears 2 is a Killswitch rip-off...

no wonder you have 3 bubbles troll in disguise

Rob0g0rilla3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

"The PS3's big bonus is its ability to double as a Blu-Ray player. Too bad no one seems to care about hi-def DVDs. The differences between Blu-Ray and DVD are hard to see on a TV less than 50"."

Wow, so I have a 46" 1080p HDTV. I guess I should stick to dvds, right?


This guy obviously hasn't seen a Blu-Ray disc on a HDTV or he needs to get his eyes fixed. How did he get away with this?

"but a $400 console with a mediocre game library "

Mediocre game library? I'm guessing he pulled that one out of his ass too.

The only thing this guy got right was the numbers. Everything else sounds like he pulled it out of his ass.

Sounds like a 360 fanboy wrote this. Actually, I have seen better written more educated articles by 360 fanboys.

thebudgetgamer3599d ago

if the ps3 & 360 were the same price and was getting whooped like this that would be bad. but its not and the average parent is going into the store and they see 200 vs 400 they are gonna go with 200 most of the time. to say its because a lack of games is nonsence. i think the fact that it is even keeping pace ytd is saying alot.


Bubble Buddy3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

GiantEnemyCrab: Read my comment again. I said if you're like me who loves hardcore gaming and needs XBL, wi-fi etc. then you need them. However, if you're a little kid who loves playing arcade games, then all the power to you...

TresTrendu: So everyone who uses wi-fi is not a hardcore gamer? I'd rather take wireless than drag a 20m extension cord and cluttering the floor. Good for you if you can get it from Amazon. You can get cheaper PS3's there too but whenever I mention this when comparing prices with 360 they whine. HD cables I got for $10. So add that in then. The rumble controller you got ripped off; it's only $46.99 on You completely forgot about Amazon when you buy your XBL there all the time? I don't like buying online. Sure it's cheaper but we all have our opinions and I just don't trust them sometimes. A good deal for XBL right is $80 including Project Gotham Racing 4 and a messenger kit. I might look into that this year.

dj_funky3599d ago

how can the ps3 get worse? home beta just opened, uncharted 2 just got announced.. etc ect. stupid article.

heroicjanitor3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I thought you might actually have some common sense given your name. You just spunked a million words of garbage onto the page there. Ps3 exclusives have been better look at gamerankings and your fanboyishness is apparent when you go on about sales. You are like a football supporter who only supports the winning teams. Sales do not equal quality. The wii is pissing all over the 360 and ps3 but is it better? No. Wii play was terrible but has sold 10s of millions. Get the pattern here? You are happy microsoft are paying for TIMED exclusives!!!! AHAHA that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It doesn't benefit you in ANY way it just delays it for ps3 owners, which is underhanded. Why doesn't Microsoft use that money to make groundbreaking new games? Like LBP. Sony is doing the right thing for it's customers by making games for the system they purchased. And why did you go through ps3s exclusives typing a terrible generalisation? I can do that too... Gears 2 was hardly any better than gears 1, all you do is fire from cover(not my opinion but it's about as retarded as what you said) You keep calling your opinions facts and then tell other people their facts are just opinions. Stop it. PS3 has had better games this year. Get over it. Name me 5 really good 360 exclusives this year(as in a gamerankings score of over 85%) It has great games they just weren't exclusive.

XxZxX3599d ago

love it when two/three bubbles troll, keep using the sony fanboy words like they are not a fanboys. HAHA

MNicholas3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

trying to get famous by being controversial and "provocative". Nothing new. Old tricks. Let's move on. Bad press happens. It doesn't matter if this guy did his research or not.

All this does is reflect poorly on CNN and it's editorial chops since the market has shown to be somewhat immune to the stupidities of "pundits" like this and in the information age these articles have an effect for a few days at most.

For example, so many well known sources said Blu-Ray was dead on numerous occasions but we all know that HD-DVD is as extinct as the dodo and that Blu-Ray is growing at a faster pace against DVD than DVD did against VHS. Consumers tend not to pay too much heed to these blow-hards who usually disappear into limbo after their 15 minutes of fame run out.

Here's the reality. Consumers are spending almost as many dollars on PS3 hardware as they are on Xbox360 hardware. Surprised? Don't be. The PS3 may be down on number of units sold but it costs much more ... yet consumers are continuing to buy it. Once the PS3 drops to $299 in the spring, sales will jump even higher.

In the mean time, stores like Best Buy are still seeing Xbox360's bought within the last two years be brought back under replacement plans at a rate of 2 or more a day. Ouch.

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RemmM3599d ago

NBC is owned by Viacom not Microsoft. And so is CNN I think.. Viacom are illuminati junkies.

cloud 2793599d ago

The article written by this author on CNN is wrong, because the author is biased. Many people watch CNN news on a daily basis, because of their ability to show news as journalists with providing pros & cons about an issue, and letting their viewers decide if this is right or wrong. (Have you heard of something called FOX News, Jack Thompson?) Please take Jack Thompson for example, any school shooting happens in the US, he comes on news and blames this on video games, please refer to the VT Killings, this was a sad time for people, and he wanted to make his presence felt. According to the FBI video games, as it has help reduced crimes.

The author blames Sony for using blu-ray on the PS3, but have you noticed in the past Sony has gone against the medium used at the specific time and incorporated something new. Please refer to the PS1 era, before PS1, game consoles were using cartridges, and PS1 offered CD's on their consoles. Now wasn't that a risk for Sony, when consumers were happy playing games on their cartridges. Consumers made their choices and moved to the PS1 for their gaming needs, this risk paid off to Sony. For their next console Sony moved over to the DVD, this was also a risk, and this risk was also paid off by consumers. For PS3 Sony has decided to move onto Blu-Ray, which they thought is an asset to their company, and will help the physical medium evolve. Yes, Sony hasn't reached the level of success they had hoped, but this is something that people respond to competition from the DVD market which is still strong. For the 360, MS decided to use the DVD for their gaming needs and it has kept them in the competition. But they also saw the potential in HD market, otherwise MS wouldn't have invested in the HD-DVD, and created an external drive to play HD-DVD movies. Sorry for the loss to HD-DVD, but please do not argue that Blu-Ray isn’t worth it. MS saw the potential too, and if they had included the HD media in the 360, many things would have been different. So please don’t blame Sony for using blu-ray.

The author also looks at software titles for Sony, and looks at little Big Planet as a game changer, and compares to Home as console pusher. Many analysts did predict that LBP would be a console pusher, but here I blame Sony for this because they didn’t market the game as they should have. LBP can still be successful to Sony if they market the game to the casual and hardcore audience. Home was never meant to be a console pusher but was created to offer something new on the console which the PC already had. Also please note, MS provided their users with the avatar system which was an evolved version of the Mii’s on the Wii.

phosphor1123599d ago

Want to know how? He said "flopping". No one other than fanboys say "flop".

Hawkeyes3153599d ago

Ahh yes, Time Warner, the same guys who wrote this article that claimed that there are only 200,000 users PS3s in America. Very credible source CNN, Time...Whatever, these guys jump all over something like this in order to get hits.

cherrypie3599d ago

This is the Grown Up Media(TM) telling you that its a sinking ship.

What on _earth_ can you people possibly have against the quality of CNN?!

Blorge, kobmo, tell you "PS3 RULEZ DUDEZ!" and you calmour "Oh, what an excellent article. Right on".

Then, NDP results for November are released, with the PS brand **TAKING A TOTAL NOSEDIVE and the biggest titles not even a BLIP** and you're here to say "CNN is unprofessional! What do they know!"

You people are an absolute *JOKE*.

harrisk9543599d ago

THE LAST PARAGRAPH: "There's really only one option left for Sony to remain in the game: deep price cuts, and not just for people with good credit. Tell yourself the PS3 has superior graphics if it makes you feel better, but a $400 console with a mediocre game library simply cannot compete against an Xbox 360 priced at $200 in this economy."

If the author wanted to do a "News" piece on the fact that the PS3 was outsold this holiday season or that the PS3's numbers are down compared to last year, fine. But, why put such an inflammatory statement into an article that was couching itself as news and not opinion? PLUS, Mr. Krangle goes out of his way to say that "And the problem for Sony isn't the recession, it's the PS3." And then in his first example of "why is the PS3 flopping so badly?", he says that it's because "It's the most expensive console on the market, $150 - $200 more than its rivals. Even if you believe the video game industry is "recession-proof" (it isn't), a tanking economy makes consumers more price-conscious."!!! I mean, WTF?

Forget the inevitable "How did this article get approved?" comments that will show up here. The bigger question is how did CNN, a respectable news organization, approve this? I mean, we are not talking about Fox News or MSNBC here!

I knew that it was too good to be true when there were several months of positive PS3 articles....The PS3 bashing begins once again!

The Mikester3599d ago

goin from 466,000 to 378,000 isn't a lot
as long as they're still making sales unlike some companies and their systems(Microsoft)

funkysolo3596d ago

when the PS2 has manage to outsell it since 360 launch..The sad thing is none of you 360 fans want to really compare numbers. Sony has 3 consoles, that are selling very well since 360 launch, Sony is making more money of a PS2 than M$ is making of a 360, that's why you are not seeing a PS3 pricecut. After the success of the wii, do you really think Sony is in a rush to launch a nextgeneration console and lose money, Hell NO!! Sony is going to let M$ release a nextgen console and lose money and then SOny when it's cheap enough will just released a more powerful console and at a cheaper price with backward compatible with PS3...PS3 is going to be around along time and just get better and better

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jasoncps3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

This article from CNN shows exactly why technology news from the big sites like CNN, Fox, etc. is total hogwash. This idiot calls himself the "alley insider". Yea ok. He even does not know the name of the "high def dvds" as he puts it. What an idiot. I love Blu-ray movies, and everyone I know loves Blu-ray movies, so this idiot does not know what the hell he is talking about, and it is clear he is a huge Xbox fanboy.

The PS3 is alive, very healthy, and will be very healthy for many years to come. It's the best system out there by a mile.

You can pay as many writers as you want Microsoft, it's not going to make the PS3 go away.

The Xbox is cheaper than PS3 because it's a piece of junk with an obsolete disc drive, not because Microsoft knows something Sony doesnt.

iMad3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Mainstream media is against PS3 too. That will lower sales even more. Who wants to be a fool in your friends opinion by buying a falling console...
so PS3 is officialy becaming gamecube of this generation.

IF SONY will not drop the price what will kill PS3. Check
IF SONY will drop the price that will kill SONY as a company in thouse difficult conditions. Mate
or IF SONY will drop the price it will have no money left to produce 1st pa games while 3th party games will be allways inferior to XBOX 360 versions. CheckMate

So, a punishment for lazzy liers?

ps. yeah i hate liers = SONY and you PS3 pussies because you started this internet war. now take your dirty pants back.

ultimolu3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

It would make you so f*cking happy that Sony and the PS3 drops out, wouldn't you?

Some of you 360 fanboys are assholes with a capital A.

And as of right now, I do not give a f*ck about your disagrees.

PimpHandHappy3599d ago

when you say alwasy you mean a couple games a year right? PC games for the most part?


Sony wont be closing the doors on PS3 when they are just getting blueray into the market! They will bite the bullet for a much much larger money maker! MOVIES

Darkseider3599d ago

I just figured out why your nic is iMad. Your parents could only afford to get you a XBox 360 and all your friends got PS3s and they made fun of you. So now your only outlet for your anger is an internet site so you can tell the world "iMad that my mommy and daddy didn't get me the better toy!". Troll.

Bubble Buddy3599d ago

iMad: Learn to spell so we can take you seriously. We started the war? You're so intelligent, did your mom tell you that? Yeah, we declared war on 360 right? What about me? What if I like both. Just stfu honestly.

Anton Chigurh3599d ago

There is still time to change the road you're on

lokiroo4203599d ago

This article is written as if the writer researched n4g for info, pathetic!

Kleptic3599d ago

Blu Ray sales are up over 500% from this time in 2007...The Dark Knight just shattered all sales expectations as well...

BD players were the number 2 'item' for black friday this year...

and this guy is a total idiot...mediocre games?...thats the oldest and lamest punch at the PS3 HAS the quality games in 2008...more so than the competition...its just too expensive...

GiantEnemyCrab3599d ago

Oh it's always MS's fault, that excuse is getting lame last placed fishheads. You need to come up with a new excuse, you've been using that for half of 07 and all of 08. The new year is coming and you need new material.

If MS paid off all the people you idiots claim they paid off MS would be out of money.

Aquanox3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

A number of factors have played strongly against Sony in this generation. No console manufacturer goes from glory to pain without a lot of things going wrong in the road, and it's not entirely Sony's fault.

1. Microsoft surprisingly launching much earlier than anticipated.
2. The Cell being used as GPU problem. If Sony didn't burn 1 year trying to do this and then going to Nvidia a bit too late, the visual superiority of the PS3 would be noticeable by now.
3. The Wii early stealing most of the casual and non gamer audience. Hurts both MS and Sony, but it was Sony the ones with 120 million units sold (most of them casuals)
4. Excessive initial price of making the Blu-ray drive. The amount of money lost back then is what keeps them from dropping the price now.
5. People not willing to pay what the console's launch cost.
6. Shortly after the price drop, recession tightened the wallets even more, putting the competition on a better position.
7. Japan not being interested in HD gaming... buying handhelds like hotcakes instead.
8. Microsoft taking advantage of Sony's faults with surgeon precision.

The only thing that has noticeably played in favor of Sony in this generation has been the RROD, which pulled sales of the Xbox 360 back when it exploded, and also a few big profile devs loyalty. Other than that, the guys at Japan didn't have any breaks this generation.

Sonyfanclubpresident3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

we're going down fast.
Even mainstream media hates us!

Unite my Sony soldiers,and get out there and buy 3 more systems each,along with 3 extra copies of each game,so we don't end up like the Dreamcast.

People are choosing the competitors console over ours.......................... hey I know,
lets start up another petition's worked so
well for us in the past.