Cyberpunk 2077 One Year Later review is it worth it now? (no spoilers)

CG writes: We take an in-depth look at CD Project Red's (CDPR) tempestuous action-role-playing game, Cyberpunk 2077. The game released on consoles and PC back in December 2020, and now almost one year later after several patches and fixes, is it worth the time investment? You can also grab the game for under £25 as of now. CDPR aims to release a 1.5 version in 2022 with a re-release for the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles where in addition PC gamers benefit also. Take a look at our Cyberpunk 2077 one year later review for the full picture. Please note, the video does not offer any story spoilers.

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RaidensRising54d ago

That was entertaining thanks. But as you said. You are in a minority with that PC. Not sure PS4 or Xbox One people will agree with you. The game still under delivered from pre release hype.

Godmars29053d ago

Game need to target PS5 Series X and PC. Either come back around for the older consoles or just ignored them.

Then there's still the whole "let's sit on our thumbs a while then contradict work already done" issue.

fei-hung53d ago

Played it in Jan / Feb after one of the updates. Played it from start to end with the odd crash. Crashed far less than Godfall had stutters and crashes. Maybe I got lucky, maybe it's because I played on a PS5. But I loved it and can't wait to play it again with the next gen update.

I enjoyed it more than Rage 2, GTA5, Borderlands 3, Outer world's and many other FPS's I've played or open world games.

It's a shame they couldn't release it in working order from the get go

Jericho133754d ago

Still not played the game and won’t until the current gen versions are released. Clearly it’s shouldn’t have been released for the last gen consoles.

NeoGamer23253d ago

Ya, I bought it day one and have been in a holding pattern every since.

CDR officially was the last straw for me buying day one games anymore.

iamrperry53d ago

Fortunately I was in the minority that had a PC that could run it (almost) bug free and really enjoyed the game. It’s odd that they wanted to create something so ambitious whilst also wanting to release it on 10year old hardware. Really beggars belief why that decision was made.

FyBy53d ago

Yeah, I also played it on PC and didnt encountered any major bugs. I had some technical problems, which were solved soon. Already finished and it was really great game. I always remember my gaming beginnings on 8bit Atari, where almost everything had few fps, latency was high and graphics ugly. I happily played all the games. Now, everything must look fantastic, cant be underperforming and cant have any bug. Its ridiculous !

yoshatabi53d ago

Same here. I'm on PC and I loved the game. Didn't experience much ground breaking bugs

TheRealTedCruz54d ago

Even as a PC player, I still consider it pretty lackluster in terms of quality as in lack of bugs.
With that said, I just don't like the game that much in general. It's kind of a subpar action game, and it's definitely not the in-depth RPG I was hoping for.

pietro121252d ago

We don't agree much on here, but you're on the nose. I played the PS4 version on my Ps5 during my 68 hours the game crashed on me 18 times, and ran into constant bugs. It was a really weak RPG experience to boot as well.

justadelusion54d ago

For $10-15 its worth a playthrough but don't expect much outside a shallow and empty world filled with horrible AI. They can fix the bugs all they want but the game is unfinished and you know that every second you are playing it.

Yui_Suzumiya54d ago

Sounds like you're describing every GTA game to me, lol

jordan22290ps54d ago

Look up a comparison video of GTA AI vs 2077 AI and then come back lol. Plus I don't recall GTA releasing bug filled and broken save The Definitive Trilogy which can definitely be argued released shitty

Profchaos54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Remove the GTA trilogy definitive edition from the conversation and name any game breaking bug from a GTA game. If you go looking for them they are there like any other game (swing set of death as an example) but not game breaking or anything near as bad as what was in cp

I had multiple game breaking bugs that required hard reboots of the ps5 console and some luck to bypass in cp

Yui_Suzumiya54d ago

I was referring to them being boring and bland.. especially in comparison to Cyberpunk which was anything but boring. I haven't had any bugs on the base PS4 but this is after the patches of course. I'm not denying it was a buggy mess in the beginning but to me it's far from boring.

CptDville53d ago

I've been plagued by crashes on PS5 even after update. Not only that, the version (at least one moth ago) was the PS4 version with low NPC count which made the town a super ghost town. Kinda Thanos bliped that universes twice right before you started playing that game.

2080super53d ago

Sound like you live in a parallel universe

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Fluke_Skywalker54d ago

It's worth it if you can get it for £10 but not a penny more. I bought it day one and even without the bugs the game simply isn't that good. Nowhere, not even close, to what it was expected to be.

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