How Wronged Us is Inspired by Dark Souls, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill

Wronged Us is an upcoming third-person survival horror game with Dark Souls, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill influences visible in its design.

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TheLigX58d ago

The Last of Us is also having a huge influence on development of this game.

57d ago
anast58d ago

I can get hyped about this.

Ramboforlife58d ago

It sounds like a neat blending of ideas and concepts. I hope they can carry it through.

iraqmilner58d ago

Wronged Us looks like an interesting game, but the visuals are subpar! Wow! If that's the future of video game visual fidelity, we have a lot to look forward to. :| 🤢🤮

Nacho_Z58d ago

To be fair it's a small team, looking at their site it might even be one person developing it. Early build too.

iraqmilner58d ago

I certainly respect the work going into it. Especially, from a small group. Yep!

Nacho_Z57d ago

If I had a criticism it'd be the name of the game. Wronged would be a stronger title.