Nintendo claims November sales records, but NPD suggests "multiple victors" in console wars

Nintendo is on a tear in terms of console and portable system sales, but an NPD analyst suggests that in 2009, the PS3 and Xbox 360 may taste victory because the most important factor for success is the line-up of compelling games.

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Sevir043599d ago

The wii is a phenomenon but it wont last. and i'm sure Sony's Games are gonna be amazing and MS's too.

ChickeyCantor3599d ago

mind telling us WHY it won't last?

borgome3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

You want to know why it will last, because there are millions of kids who don't have it yet. Plus there's like a million babies born everyday and they will want one eventually too.

WANNA GET HIGH3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The wii will last.They have 60 year old people buying the wii.My sister is getting a wii,my little cousin wants a wii,my MUM AND DAD wants a wii.People like that dont care about games like god of war3,killzone2,alane wake,halo4...e.t.c

The wii is selling to none hardcore gamers and to people that just want to have causal fun.As much as i hate the wii my self i have to admit it will come first this gen.

Gr813599d ago

These are the same folks who believed Wii would be hardest hit during these economic hard times? Gimme a break. I actually believe Wii will continue to further dominate the sales charts in 09. I also have a sinking feeling the third partys will finally show up to grab a piece of the Wii money tree. Just like what happened with the DS.

And to the two posters above..keep living in fantasy land.

Captain_Sony3599d ago

ALready happening with 3rd parties.. 09 is the best year for Wii games yet. Deadly Creatures,Conduit,Madworld,Fat al Frame,MH3,Cursed Mountain.Boom Blox2, NMH2, Redsteel 2, I could really keep going.. Quality takes time and most companies thought Nintendo would be dead last so they showed no interest until after release. There are some exceptions but the majority just snubbed it..A lot of them jumped on board but it still takes at least 2 years to pull off any game that would be considered AAA by gamers unless its a sequel and they reused some assets(Gears). So 09 is the time for those games to come out.. Of course it does kind of suck getting it so late in Wii's lifetime. 2 and half more years and most of us will be getting the Wii HD.

borgome3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The only reason the Wii is successful is because parents get their kids whatever they want.

The Wii is the cool thing to have so all the little duffers want it.

ChickeyCantor3599d ago

So it is true then!
Ps2 sold because of all the kiddieness!