Is Housemarque teasing some sort of Returnal DLC

The Outerhaven writes: Returnal is easily one of my favorite games of 2021, thanks to the right amount of challenge and the beautiful-looking graphics. Yet, after being out for so long, we often wondered if the game was a one-and-done or would it receive some DLC in the future. Now, it would seem that Housemarque could be teasing some update for the game.

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SullysCigar55d ago

I hope so. And a PSVR2 patch - bullet hell in VR would be intense!

GamingSinceForever53d ago

That would be a vomit comet for real. 😂

VersusDMC54d ago

Bring it on! Hopefully comes out Dec or Jan so it doesn't get buried in the February game avalance. Best case scenario is a Game Awards shadow drop.

Elda54d ago

I hope so! I'm just trying to get the last surveys in 4 biomes to get the platinum trophy. The game is so fun!

NeoGamer23253d ago

Agreed. A fun game. And hopefully if there is DLC it gets more gamers to play it.

EvertonFC54d ago

Still stuck on biome 4 :(

oldenjon54d ago

Wait till you get to biome 5. Find yourself an electropylon driver.