Report: Sony Has Filed a Patent for a PlayStation Mobile Controller

A patent for a PlayStation mobile controller has been spotted, showing what appears to be two halves of a DualShock with screen in between.

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porkChop59d ago

So they're kinda like joycons, but with your phone in the middle. Not a bad idea, it worked for the Razer controller. I'm wondering why it interfaces with the device/console though. Unless it's just remote play.

blackblades59d ago

Probably remote play, I still remember they had a mobile section I still got some of the games on vita. Man also remember those ps minis. RIP, I like some of those games I wanted more.

NecrumOddBoy58d ago

PS Minis was a great idea but I didn’t like Sony said they couldn’t have trophies.

Profchaos59d ago

It's a good idea however I wish they continued their Xperia play design approach with a slide out gamepad. A android phone with good specs and a built in gamepad would do really well these days now that gaming on mobile had advanced over what it was when they first tried it.

I would game on mobile way more if it was as simple as slide out controls even if the phone was thicker

EvertonFC58d ago

I so regret recycling my xperia play phone, didnt realise at the time it might be worth something one day.

thecodingart59d ago

Hopefully a phone controller.. finally

excaliburps59d ago

A proper one for Remote Play would be aces. The Vita was OK but it felt too clunky for me.

sinspirit59d ago

I really hope so. I have the GameSir and it's great overall. But I do wish the analogs felt a little better. It would be awesome to have an official controller that works with the regular remote play app

DaniMacYo59d ago

When I was in 10th grade 2004 I would doodle in my books and I often drew a phone attached to a controller to be used like a phone with PS style controls. Just an idea I had I’m sure many others thought of something similar. Pretty cool that they might make something like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.