Improving The Elder Scrolls 6 Over Skyrim

KeenGamer: "Have you wondered how Bethesda might go about improving The Elder Scrolls 6 over Skyrim? How can the longevity of the most successful RPG be beaten? Here is a list of ways in which the next entry in The Elder Scrolls series might surpass its predecessor."

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isarai49d ago

Color would be cool, one of the main things i hated about skyrim is how dull everything is, also bring back the skills that were stripped from the series like proper spellcrafting, hand to hand, acrobatics, speechcraft, etc.

Lighter948d ago

Also, cooking, farming, fishing, and mining would be nice additions as well.

CaptainHenry91649d ago

Why is the PS4 tagged in the article

Phlacky49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Because its available on PS4.

DJStotty47d ago


"Why is the PS4 tagged in the article"

Because Skyrim is available on PS4

Vanfernal48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Color me sceptical. But Skyrim is much simpler than Oblivion. Fallout 4 is much simpler than Fallout 3. They toned down the rpg elements and overall streamlined gameplay. If they want to make Elder Scrolls 6 I think they should go back to their roots.

EnricoPallazzo48d ago

And Oblivion was simpler than Morrowind.