Star Citizen Reveals Massive New Exploration Ship as Crowdfunding Jumps Beyond $410 Million

Today Cloud Imperium Games revealed another new ship coming down the line to the growing space simulator Star Citizen.

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esherwood50d ago

Who the hell are these people that keep donating to this. Crazy there’s that big of a market for it

RpgSama50d ago

At this point and at the rate the money just keeps coming in, it looks more and more like a money laundering machine.

esherwood50d ago

You got to be right, doesn’t make sense otherwise

JackBNimble50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Most of the people funding this are the people playing Star citizen, that should be pretty obvious.
That should also tell you that even in alpha it's an awesome " game ".

Yes they charge a shit ton for many ships (that's how they get most funding), but you can also join and play for less then $100usd and buy ships with in game currency.

The public hasn't been blindly funding SC for 10 years, that would be insane. Do some research , watch some YouTube game play videos and you might find out why people "still playing and buying into " SC.

Bring on the down votes

rlow150d ago

I very sure the hate stems from them promising a game ten years ago. They have never released the single player part of the game either. Which was all part of the original go fund me post. Again, now over ten years ago.

-Hermit-50d ago

I have looked at many game play videos of this game over the years, and every time I wonder what it is I am actually looking at. It just feels like a whole load of nothing, like everything is some sort of glorified tech demo.

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Extermin8or3_50d ago

Having seen it played first hand over a period of 6 years and tried it a few times as a housemate at uni had it and donated multiple times I can tell you it played like unfinished poop and there was very little in the way of any game structure or real progression that didn't require you to oay a fortune and even when you had new ships what you could do with them was so limited. The game has managed todo nothing that many other games have not done variations of and been finished products in the same time span. Ita also not delivered on most if the core offerings it was originally meant to deliver on . The comment above about moneyblaundering is correct tbh.

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badz14950d ago

didn't they just announce the 406mil figure like last week?? a week later, and they already got 4mil more?? like HOW?? if we divide 400mil for 10 years, that's 40mil a year and roughly 770k per week! 4mil is so far away from the average there is like no logical way of thinking that this is a legit crowdfunding! is nobody investigating this scam??

Viljong50d ago

People sure are stupid funding this scam. I remember this pc messiah from begining of ps4 gen and its still going and making money out of dumb pc players

-Hermit-50d ago

You have such a hate boner for pc gaming. You make it seem like everybody that plays on pc is funding this game. Most people that play on pc don't even play the game.

Extermin8or3_50d ago

Obviously not everyone is but far too many idiots are.

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The story is too old to be commented.