Halo Infinite Has 2 Major Multiplayer Concerns Right Now

COG: Halo Infinite MP has some issues and 343 needs to hash out a way to rework it entirely ahead of launch.

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Jin_Sakai54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Customization variety and slow progression system that relies too much on challenges. This can be easily fixed so hopefully 343i take note.

That aside, multiplayer is great and tons of fun.

Kerppamaister54d ago

They have already shown they listen to their fanbase and are ready to make changes.

theindiearmy54d ago

Uhh what? They haven't shown they listen to their fanbase at all, because we complained about progression over 6 months ago during the flights and they still didn't change it. Now all they have done is make very minor changes to a system that needs a complete overhaul that wouldn't be hard to overhaul at all. People have complained about customization, simple things like colors being locked behind a paywall, over half the classic game modes missing from the game, over half the season pass rewards just being challenge skips, etc. None of these things have been changed. All they did was change the daily challenge to be WORSE for players who don't play more than 20 matches a game, and tweaked the weekly challenges to be less reliant on certain things (the only positive change they've made so far). But again, these are very minor things when they could be doing a lot more things that would be trivial for them to do. Such as an example, make it so match score counts towards progression, then simply balance the amount of XP needed for levels based on the player average score. Then throw in some things like the challenges that keeps a way for less-skilled gamers to still progress at a fair rate. But they don't want to do that. All they did was make minor tweaks and say "Hey look! We're listening!" as a way to bide their time without giving away too much while they figure out a different way to be scummy about all this that is less noticeable psychologically.

Above all that, they are still claiming the multiplayer is "free". Sure, yes technically it is free, but the campaign has remained $60. So anyone buying the campaign is still spending $60 regardless. Except this time on top of that they have to go through even more free-to-play BS with multiplayer because it was "free".

TheDoomedGuy54d ago

Well kinda waiting for those easy changes still...and they delayed The co op so that's a huge negative.

Oh and the current event is a lot of bullshit. 4 weeks until unlocking everytbing

PapaBop54d ago

I love the game but honestly, how could they not have tested out that progression system internally and conclude that it's rubbish? When you have challenges like capture 10 flags when you can't even choose CTF mode is stupid but hopefully they can fix the progression sooner rather than later.

LucasRuinedChildhood54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

They also need more game modes (no doubles!?) and to let people pick the modes that they actually want to play instead of forcing them to play, e.g. Oddball.

John_McClane54d ago

Yeah, I've never agreed with forcing game modes on players, and I hate oddball.

SullysCigar54d ago

It's just nice to see you acknowledge it's not perfect. That's how you get them to make a game better.

gravedigger54d ago

Major concern are PC cheaters and you can't disable cross play with PC even via Settings on Xbox.

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darkrider54d ago

There is a reason why it works that way...

Snookies1254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Exactly, profit. Something the game needs to survive, and continue growing. What is wrong with that? The MP is free. You are not locked out of content (no, cosmetics don't count as content) and have absolutely zero need to purchase anything on there. Do you honestly expect them to provide updates, maintain servers, and give continual post-launch content without anyone paying anything at all?

Darkborn54d ago

@snookies isn't that the point of gamepass and paying or Xbox live? Isn't it all "free games" that you just pay a sub for and that's it? Or is it now paying for online paying for the sub, and paying for content and cosmetics? $70 for a full game sounds a whole lot better now.

Darkborn54d ago

Let me just add: either gamepass makes profit or it doesn't. All these articles and PR from Phil and everyone's like oh it's making tons of money, it's fine. Then we have Xbox trying to double the price of gold a few months ago and them putting ton of cosmetics and mtx into their games and I'm sure will sell expansions. So how much profit will a sub make? Probably not very much if at all. You gotta understand halo infinite is one of the most expensive games to ever be made and it had a ton of devs and time. That equates to lots of loss and they gave away half the game for "free." yeah it's good they are adding content and supporting their games, but Xbox needs to stick to a strategy at some point. I'm guessing they are going with a sub that tries to strong you along for years drip feeding small amounts of content just like how the battle pass xp was super slow. It'd meant to keep you subbed for years to get all the stuff and wait for all the map packs to roll out for "free".

Orchard54d ago

“ isn't that the point of gamepass and paying or Xbox live? Isn't it all "free games" that you just pay a sub for and that's it?”

Halo Infinite MP isn’t a game pass game, nor does it require Xbox Live Gold.

You also keep putting free in quotations, but it is just free - the game is free.

That being said, I can see them offering perks and cosmetic content packs in the future as a game pass perk - like they do with some other F2P games.

Snookies1254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@Darkborn - "$70 for a full game sounds a whole lot better now."

Or, you know, you can just play for free for years to come without forking over that money... Not even putting a single dollar into it. And yes, it is FREE. You do NOT need Game Pass or XBL for it. Please stop spreading false information. I'm far from a Microsoft or 343 fan, but this is just getting ridiculous.

KillBill54d ago

Regardless the price they would be making profit. They can lower the price by 2/3rds the price and still make likely the same profit they are making now. Difference being more gamers would have more items to use for customization in their game. It isn't like any of the digital items are costing Xbox to produce each copy sold. Most gamers will spend the amount they have available to spend on gaming. So the point is what are you going to give them for their money?

Shiken53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

"isn't that the point of gamepass and paying or Xbox live? Isn't it all "free games" that you just pay a sub for and that's it? Or is it now paying for online paying for the sub, and paying for content and cosmetics? $70 for a full game sounds a whole lot better now."

The Halo multiplayer is in no gamepass needed...nor Gold needed.

Do your research before taking jabs at services that have nothing to do with the game, and making a fool of yourself.

rlow153d ago

What do you think it’s about? No game made today whether free to play or paid isn’t about the profit. Do they need to tweak? Sure, but that’s why it’s still in Beta, which means it’s being tweaked. Just enjoy the game.

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Deathdeliverer54d ago

I think Halo is in a good place when the game itself is good and fun but the things “outside” the game need work. Shouldn’t be hard to fix. Can’t wait till my next off day so I can have a running riot.

FinalFantasyFanatic53d ago

Really the gameplay is fine, it's classic Halo with a few new additions, it's just the game modes (or rather the lack of freedom to choose the mode), progression and customization that's not satisfying.

Antnee53454d ago

Need to lower shields imo everyone takes to much damage.

TheDoomedGuy54d ago

Not really. Depends on the weapon and your accuracy. It's not cod so skill does trump twitch shooting.

CaptainHenry91654d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I took a lot of damage plenty of times and still killed the opponent 🤔 but not complaining though

DJStotty52d ago


Maybe they were shooting you in the body, and you had better accuracy "shrugs" it is not like COD or other twitch shooters, where shooting a blade of grass will grant you a headshot

ProLogY54d ago

A longer time to kill is what makes halo unique, this absolutely should not change. It’s not call of duty, plan out your engagement better and maintain the pressure

TheEnigma31354d ago

Facts. Halo has always been that way.

rockwhynot54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

The shields are supposed to pop and result in instant death after receiving about 4 M6D pistol headshots or after receiving about 4 battle rifle burst headshots.

FinalFantasyFanatic53d ago

If we're just damaging racing the other person, I find 9 out of 10 times I'll win as long as I get the first shots in with the default rifle, but this isn't any different from previous Halo games, everyone is always a little spongy in this game. Reminds me of the old Lan parties we had when the XBox/Halo first came out.

DJStotty52d ago

Shields won't stop a sniper to the nostril, nor a well placed tag with a grenade.

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Tedakin54d ago

The progression system is awful and fixing it needs to be a priority. It's bringing down the entire game.

Snookies1254d ago

How is this affecting gameplay? I really don't understand... How do some unlockable visors and shoulder pads "bring down the entire game"?

Again, it literally just launched. And a month early at that. Give them some time, I'm sure they will adjust accordingly.

Stanjara54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

On your previous posts since you are defending this... 343 and Halo are Xbox. They are first party. What profit do they need to succeed? Their dev budget 500mill came from Xbox gaming division, or whatever division they have. (Azure and Windows enterprise clients if we want to be more precise)

They are not third party that needs 10mill sold copies to make a sequel or expansion.

Their success comes from market growth. That's why it's F2p. Then Azure windows guys say yes... have a 100mill more. Make some helmets.

I'm actually surprised at this battlepass cause I think they should make everyone happy (gameplay wise) and promote Gamepass.

Tedakin54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Because you should be rewarded for how well you play. It's fun to be rewarded, and this system doesn't do that. In fact by making you do challenges the system is diverting you from playing the game normally and focusing on helping your team and doing the objective. If you have a challenge to "kill 5 spartans with the skewer" you're going to have to run off and find one, then use it exclusively until you get your challenge done. You're not focusing on the game itself or the objectives. You're not trying to capture the flag, you're trying to "hijack an enemy chopper using the grapple hook."

343_Guilty_Spark53d ago

He's just parroting what others are saying.,

DJStotty52d ago


"In fact by making you do challenges the system is diverting you from playing the game normally and focusing on helping your team and doing the objective."

If you want the cosmetics you mean? otherwise why not just play the game and if your good enough, the challenges will be a cakewalk.

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DJStotty52d ago


"bringing down the entire game"

So you not being able to get that free piece of armor or other cosmetic is bringing down the entire game?


Tedakin49d ago

If you paid for the battlepass, yes. You're having to do this nonsense to get what you paid for.

DJStotty49d ago

Even if you paid for the battlepass, challenges are not bringing down the game, challenges are exactly what they are called, a challenge, and you do not need to complete any challenge to progress, paid or free.

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