Rockstar Games Forgot To Remove Mobile Controls From GTA Trilogy

While Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy has already had a very troubled release, new screenshots perhaps show even more negligence from Rockstar Games.

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Orchard55d ago

I wouldn’t really call this a huge surprise given it’s the same company that ported the Android/iOS versions of San Andreas HD to console back in the 360/PS3 era.

That being said, console should obviously be the lead platform not mobile.

chicken_in_the_corn54d ago

Rockstar didn't develop this remaster

Phoenix7654d ago

Maybe so, but they do own Groove Street Games. They could have/should have, taken a more active role by overseeing the project

SullysCigar54d ago

The people defending this mess don't like to acknowledge that fact.

This new information is not a good look for Rockstar.

porkChop54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Rockstar doesn't actually own Grove Street Games, they're private and independent. I know the name makes it seem that way, but the name doesn't come from San Andreas. The dev is based in Florida in a neighborhood literally called Grove Street. Talk about a coincidence lol.

SDuck54d ago

I looked it up and there's no mention on Wikipedia about R* owning GSG. R* should've still kept an eye on the project though

Profchaos54d ago

@porkchop correct but they were originally called wardrum studios when they were working on the rockstar mobile ports and it's just a weird choice to rename your entire studio with a name coincidentally the name of the lead gang in the port your studio spent the most time on including porting it to the 360 and PS3.

Rachel_Alucard54d ago


That might have to do more with the fact they've spent the last 10 years porting most of R*s games to mobile and the mass majority of their work is all of R*s games. They've done other ones like Ark and some shovelware mobile games, but naming your studio Grove street associates with R*s IP so it brings that prestige with it even if it has nothing to do with R*. Similar concept to the Tom Clancy name just being tossed onto whatever military themed game Ubi pumps out, his name is associated with having some level of prestige behind it. Though nobody even knew of Grove street games prior to this remaster, I can say most people will know the studio for it's lack of talent or workload management especially after this disaster.

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TheEnigma31354d ago

They own the IP so there has to be some oversight. Stop making excuses.

Profchaos54d ago

From what I've seen leak they had a representative from their internal team overseeing and approving the work as the remaster was developed.

So they were not lead on the project but they gave them the greenlight. To me it's obvious they didn't give the trilogy the respect that it deserves.

tehpees354d ago

People misunderstand this. Yeah, ports are outsourced to outside teams but the people in charge still keep tabs on the game and give feedback when things go wrong.

Grove Street did the bulk of the work, But Rockstar and Take Two oversaw the builds and put the games forward for release.

Profchaos54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

That was the most disappointing part of the whole definitive edition. These are the mobile games and rockstar cleaned them up and sold them for the price of a new AAA game.

Rockstar knew that fans were unhappy with the job wardrum (Grove St games now) did on the mobile ports there's thousands of negative posts and videos highlighting issues people have with their work yet they still have them the greenlight to build this. I fear the same fate will befall the remainder of their back catalogue like bully, midnight club, the warriors etc.

Fundamentally you can't fix them because they were designed originally around the limitations of the platforms and they intend to make the game run on all devices from mobiles to ps5. It's speculated that because mobile games often fail to include the same particle effects it was very core as to why the fog was exempted.
Also many if the items that were removed in the original.kbike port like windscreen shattering, water splashes and more were forgetten about originally removed for mobile performance reasons in the ten year iOS and Android editions totally forgetten about with the definitive edition.

The only way to make things right is to upscale enhance and port the games from their PS2 source code while taking all the considerations from the large fanbase into it. Characters will have to be remodeled but try not to make them look like they are mid treatment at the hospital.

Dandalandan11753d ago

Exactly! These games deserve a better treatment than this. Yes, it wasn't Rockstar who actually developed this. But they still decided to green light the project with the knowledge that there's nothing definitive about it. The moment that I knew that it was based on the mobile versions, I knew that it would be downhill from there.

Profchaos53d ago

It gets worse I just finished vice city and looked at the credits Grove St games slipped themselves in only 3 Devs worked on the vice city port which is an absolute middle finger to it a game like this should have had 80 plus Devs working on each aspect of the game it's probably why I need to switch from fidelity to performance and back and forth to pass certain missions and avoid a crash it's pretty bad

DarkKaine54d ago

Who would have thought? A game that was based on the mobile version to begin with has leftover functions that can be called if you know what you're doing. This is common practice if you're a developer. The game itself is a dumpster fire, but this has absolutely nothing to do with it.

TriniOutsider54d ago

I still can't believe how bad these re-masters turned out. Rockstar should've known better.

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