The 18+ erotic action/adventure game “Bouncy College” is now available via Nutaku for PC and Android

"Nutaku (the world’s largest adult gaming platform) and the lewd game developer Dragon Powerhouse, are today very pleased and excited to announce that the brand-new 18+ erotic action/adventure game "Bouncy College" is now available via Nutaku for PC (via browser) and Android devices worldwide." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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SinisterMister59d ago

What's the point of playing an adult game when you're done fapping?

TGG_overlord58d ago

Round 2 and round 3? Don't people have any stamina and endurance anymore? Lol.

TheEnigma31358d ago

To reflect how much of losers they are

Blade9258d ago

Keep your judgements to yourself.

Smellsforfree58d ago

Believe it or don't, there are people who get laid regularly that enjoy this stuff.

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iraqmilner58d ago

This could be the greatest video game RELEASE of all time!

Blade9257d ago

I actually have a actual woman and she enjoys this stuff as much as I do in response to your reply to me. Again go fist yourself.

57d ago