Unannounced AAA Marvel MMO In Development at Dimensional Ink, Studio Behind DC Universe Online

It has been revealed that an unannounced Marvel MMO is in development at Dimensional Ink, the studio behind DC Universe Online.

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TheRealTedCruz60d ago

Not a big superhero fan, but this could be interesting. That's a pretty credible team behind the project.

darklaw60d ago

This is the company that brought DC Universe online, which in my opinion had the best cg intro of dc's heroes and villians. Should have been used and turned into a full length movie

ApocalypseShadow60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Yeah. Still love that intro.

This news is also funny in a way if rumors are true. The company that helped create with Dimensional Link and publish DC Online and other MMOs was Sony owned until they sold them. But the game released and was successful for what it is across PC, PS3 and PS4 before branching off to other platforms. Over a decade of success.

The Marvel MMO was going to be on the OG Xbox until Microsoft canceled it like they did True Fantasy Online because they didn't think they would be successful.

I guess it will possibly release this time under new management and mainstream acceptance of superhero games. A Marvel MMO should have been a thing years ago.

jukins60d ago

Dc online is actually pretty decent, given itsnrelease date, and well supported. Wouldnt mind jumping into a more refined marvel version.

Stay-Toasty60d ago

I've read a lot of rumors that Sony may be heavily involved in this and possibly going for some exclusivity. But just like with all rumors, take it with a grain of salt. Could be dead wrong.

againx1360d ago

The MMOs usually target PC, but everything is possible really

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