Are LBP sales really that bad? A comparison...

"Every man and his dog seems to be talking about the 'terrible' sales LittleBigPlanet has enjoyed, but what is the truth behind the spin?

LBP has now sold more than one million units worldwide, and still the game's performance has its detractors. Confusingly, we remember the sheer joy in the collective media when Motorstorm hit the one million mark.

So how has Sackboy done in comparison, and what are the differences in the marketplace since that milestone was reached by Evolution's racer?"

Excerpt taken from PS3 Attitude...

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Counter_ACT3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

No they aren't, get over it and stop writing articles about it. If you want to write about failures this quarter then Banjo is a good start.

DolphGB3600d ago

...we're not writing about 'failure' in the article.

Read it (since a lot of work went into it and it's not the usual yada-yada) and you'll understand...

anh_duong3600d ago

every other ps3 owner i know is buying lbp. lbp has legs that are long. abit like nintendogs etc etc. also lbp isn't the sort of game that you sell into the secondary market so most purchases are new.

gambare3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

LBP is great, I had my friends there. and we love the "smack" feature, it should be viable on the Home avatars

Monchichi0253600d ago

LBP's numbers are honestly not that bad. 1 million is a good number to be at all things told.

But it's the perception that has harmed LBP. Sony fanboys were hyping LBP as the next greatest thing in gaming with claims that it and Resistance would singlehandedly push the PS3 over the 360.

Since that didn't even come close to materializing, these games have been unfairly been labeled as failures. So if anyone is to blame, blame Sony fanboys for putting TOO MUCH expectations on these games.

jaysquared3600d ago

Moninchi hit right on the head! If PS3 fans weren't hyping this game up so bad then LBP wouldn't be considered a flop. There were many who proclaimed it was going to sell 2 million plus in its first week and since it didn't it was labeled a flop by many.

LethalToxins3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

That's only true if you're a fanboy of another console. You know, considering the VAST majority of the gaming population never heard the hype created on forums like N4G by LBP fanboys. I remember when I was a real gamer. I never read anything like this. Know why? I was too busy playing the games; I didn't have time to talk about them. That combined with your average gamer has too much of a life to be sitting and reading forums all damn day.

Besides, you don't think these websites know their readers are fanboys? I could be wrong, but when I had a subscription to GameInformer/IGN, I don't remember reading any articles after the release of a critically acclaimed game calling it a flop in one of their magazines. They leave that for their website posts to start flamewars, gain hits for their site, and stir up some trouble.

Business as usual...

rockleex3599d ago

You ALMOST hit it spot on!

The thing is, it wasn't just Sony fanboys that were hyping it like the second coming of Jesus.

In fact, the whole video gaming media were hyping it. Everyone and their grandma were hyping it.

Why? Because when people finally got their hands on LBP for the first time, they finally knew it would live up to its hype.

The thing they forgot is that, LBP is the type of game you would never buy unless you've tried it out... no matter how much people are praising it.

Those very people who were impressed after hands-on time with LBP were VERY doubtful of LBP BEFORE they got their hands on it.

Thus, the only way for LBP to succeed was if there were enough casual or non-gamers interested in it. We all know Sony failed at marketing LBP to the mainstream consumers. And we all know as of now, there are barely ANY casual or non-gamers currently gaming on the PS3.

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sinny3600d ago

I don't think LBP is doing bad because it's one of those games people don't buy at day one, there is no fanbase or charismatic characters apart for sackboy ( and i think that is kind of a mistake they made , the devs focus too much on the create/share part and forgot to make a world around the character, i think they should have made the game like a mario/jak etc with the bonus , BIG BONUS of the creation tool ) . Especially beign a new IP...

PimpHandHappy3600d ago

LBP had a team of 12ppl

12 PPL

i bet those 12ppl dont consider it a failure

Bob Dole3600d ago

12? Really? Yeah, if 12 people can create a game as ingenious as LBP and sell more than a million copies at $60 a pop then they're doing something hella right.

lento3600d ago

what..12... really? k well that is insane then

callahan093600d ago

I thought it was 36? Or somewhere in the low to mid 30's.

The credits to the game has the name and a picture of every single person who worked on the game, and it's definitely more than 12, but definitely less than 40. I think it's 36, but don't know for sure.

Either way, yeah, it was a very small team.

Magic_The_Celt3600d ago

There not bad, not bad at all

LittleBigPlanet is a HUGELY popular game, theres always adverts on the TV, man everybody is talking about it at my college and i have heard more than 3 times now they want to get a PS3 for it alone.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3600d ago

The only thing that put off a few people who played it at mine and loved it was when i told them how much the PS3 cost they said it cost to much :-(
(I think it's worth every penny tho!!!because i use it for everything ;-P they just wanted it for this game and other cool PS3 games)
It's a shame that. I can't wait for SONY to drop the price of the PS3!!! ;-P Say £199.99???(POUNDS)(They won't tho yet drop it that low)
Then there will be BLOOD!!!...xBots Zombie GREEN Lemmings BLOOD!!! ;-D

kingme713600d ago

Why is the comparison to Motorstorm? Motorstorm was a pack in with the 80GB PS3, so sales of a pack in shouldn't be taken into consideration when comparing against an off the shelf game.

Look how well Wii Play sells every month. How many people would have bought it if it didn't include a Wiimote?

kwicksandz3599d ago

LBP bundles are in europe and japan too.. it still gets looked over.

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