Retired Men’s Nude Beach Volleyball League announced for Steam

The naked retiree volleyball players are back for an encore. This time they're coming to Steam.

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Orchard55d ago

Well this is something I didn't think I would read or watch today.

Nacho_Z54d ago

Sounds good but I'm so sick of the retired men playing volleyball on a nude beach subgenre. Such a cliché.

TheColbertinator54d ago

Typing up a petition to stop this degradation of retired men tonight.

iraqmilner54d ago

Dollar says @Orchard and @Nacho_z are the first to pre-order!

kevinsheeks54d ago

soo at about 0:54 he somehow hits the vollyball back but it's past his hands at this point so I can only assume . . .

BongSmack54d ago

roflol. Is this the answer to all the erotic games on steam?

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