Halo Infinite: finally, a multiplayer shooter for grownups

Fed up of getting destroyed by teenagers whenever you play online? The more tactical, slower-paced combat of Halo Infinite makes older players feel at home again

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killyourfm932d ago

Kids these days will never understand the pain and the awesomeness of lugging your heavy TV and Xbox to a friend's house for Halo multiplayer. This has been old man yelling at cloud.

Yi-Long932d ago

Clouds these days are terrible. Back in my day, THOSE were some top-quality clouds …

ManMarmalade932d ago

I remember buying a 360 so my best friend didn't have to bring his to my place. Me, my brother and our best friend would have a LAN connection in 2 separate rooms and just snipe and stick each other all day. Some of the best memories those years 👌

Locutus_of_borg932d ago

At one point, lasting several weeks i had to find space for 4 big old crt Tv's, Ghost recon was the game back then, looking back, i wouldnt change a thing... was so much fun.. Happy Days

got_dam931d ago

Oh, man. Mech Assault 1 and halo. I miss high school!

anubusgold929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

LOL you should have bought the xbox VGA adapter then you could just take a LCD flat screen with you or plug up your friends computer monitor to your xbox they are much lighter lol. Thats what me and my friends did for the 16 player halo ce matches.

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waderae932d ago

A review from the Guardian... move on.

Terry_B932d ago

Counter Strike..like 20 years ago. It was the definition of a shooter for "grownups".

porkChop932d ago

He isn't saying it's the only shooter for grown ups. He's saying that Infinite uses a more old school design, like classic Halos.

Tedakin931d ago

Halo Infinite MP is the best MP in a long time.

KillBill931d ago

"The more tactical, slower-paced combat of Halo Infinite makes older players feel at home again" - I don't know what he is talking about. I have always been a more tactical slow paced player in my Battlefield and mainly any type of game. But oddly enough I have been running Quake style in my Halo Infinite gaming sessions. I have been less tactical in Halo Infinite than any other multiplayer game I have played in some time. It has brought out the kid in me.

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Halo Infinite Cut Campaign Content Has Allegedly Been Revealed

Cut content from the campaign in Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries' first-person shooter, Halo Infinite, has allegedly been revealed.

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XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

I wish these would be in the game

just_looken21h ago

I wish they made the game a actual last stand all the know spartan teams halo wars 2 crew together with other unsc forces fighting in space and on the ground.

But nope one spartan again on a open bland map with good combat but a meh story and marines that still act the same.

With so much time gap you think the marines would have better armor and the Spartans would have special guns beyond the laser made for them.

Do no get me started on the opening cinematic were atrox gets taken out.

The lack of flood/blood overall rating decrease what a letdown this game was halo wars 2 last decent halo game for me.

Tacoboto1d 6h ago

These don't read like they really would've made the game better, just even less like Halo. Except for biomes - how the heck they only had one biome is the biggest disappointment.

I'll watch the actual video later.

just_looken21h ago

It was the power of the 2000 xbox and 2005 xbox 360 only there we could get coop and more than one biome.

Toecutter0020h ago

The fact that when you boot up the game it immediately takes you to the multi-player menu (a first for the series), rather than to the campaign says everything you need to know about 343i, Xbox, and Microsoft Studios.


Halo Infinite's Split-Screen is One Step in The Right Direction

Halo Infinite has spilt screen PvP, but it's still missing another classic multiplayer feature that should be completed before Halo 7.

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Jin_Sakai20d ago

Putting on PS5 is another step in the right direction so the player base can grow.

anast20d ago

How many years has it been?


Halo Infinite’s Survive the Undead mode is a COD Zombies love letter

Halo Infinite’s brand-new Survive the Undead mode is a masterwork of Forge creativity, and Call of Duty Zombies fans need to play it.

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