Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Releases Early, Probably Easier to Find Than Actual Console

Xbox and chill.

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Futureshark931d ago

I heard it's 'The world's most powerful fridge'...

anast931d ago

I heard it can run Doom at 200 fps.

SullysCigar931d ago

I'm just amazed a fridge considered gaming news by the folks we're trusting to approve articles here on N4G, while anything relating to VR headsets gets failed as "tech, not gaming".

Sorry my comment is no fun, but the system here is plain broken. That at least is laughable!

SullysCigar930d ago

Lmao! Disagrees without retort just show you don't like what I said. Tell me how I'm wrong about this double standard and quit hiding like a worm. I won't bite lol

darthv72930d ago

Interestingly enough is you can fit a series x system inside the series x fridge.

l33t_haxx0r931d ago

With the power of the cloud this can store 10x the amount of monster drinks

FanboysKiller931d ago

Still cool either ways and doesn’t overheat.

slowgamer931d ago

Next up: Digital foundrys inside and drink temp test. Including thermal pictures.
Can it keep it's cool? We will find out.

931d ago
931d ago
anast931d ago

Not gonna lie, it looks cool. At the same time, it is absurd.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Year 6 Season 1 Trailer

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just_looken3d ago

Year 6 yet the pc version still crashes



5yrs to 3 months still crashing

Garethvk3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I had an issue after one update where the game looked muted like a filter was on. It had not been there before and after years I playing just fine I deleted it when all the usual fixes did not work and got their usual nothing support response.

just_looken3d ago

On ps4 i think its still uploaded i had the world disappear was walking on air had to do a full reinstall.

Remember last year a division 2 update had to be pulled because it corrupted there own servers.

Garethvk2d ago

Glitches were common after updates; that is for sure.


7 surprising absences from the Xbox Games Showcase

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GhostScholar5d ago

Yeah I’m really worried about ark 2 with all the awesome looking stuff coming.