Dying Light 2 PS5 File Size and Preload Date Revealed

The PS5 file size for Dying Light 2 clocks in at a little over 20GBs, and its preload date ahead of the official launch has been revealed.

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Darkborn60d ago

That's surprisingly light but the kraken compression is pretty amazing. I can't wait for this game honestly. It's gonna be a ton of fun especially with the duelsense.

jznrpg59d ago

20 gigs is nice . I bet PS4 is around 40-50gbs . PS5’s compression is huge .

Deathdeliverer59d ago

When actually utilized. It’s obvious when it isn’t.

blackblades59d ago

You can say the same with the loading, controller, performance when they are actually utilized.

lucasnooker59d ago

I am personally glad they really genuinely took their time doing this game. Delay after delay but hopefully to make the best product possible... Time will tell... I have faith because they didn't rush it which is always a good sign...

boing159d ago

This will be a 7/10 game.

northpaws59d ago

"I want it to be a 7/10 game because I am cool"

boing159d ago

Mark this comment. Reviews are going to be between 70-80%.

isarai59d ago

Cant wait for this game, wish they would release the next gen patch for the first one already so i can dive back into it before this releases

ColtPSSX59d ago

The only thing I fear is that they are going to make it to realistic. The first one had a good balance of realistic and game. I hope they keep it.

wdallzina59d ago

My fear is they gonna make me go outside after sunset which I never did by choice in the first game .

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