Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be Seen As "A Very Good Game", CDPR Says

CD Projekt Red president Adam Kiciński has defended Cyberpunk 2077 after a rocky first year, claiming it will be seen as a "very good game" in time.

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medman51d ago

I'm afraid to ask exactly what year they plan on that unlikely event occurring.......

MinnesotaFatts51d ago

2022. Before the lockdown, the dev directors did an internal survey of the company, and the consensus was the game will be ready for holding in 2022.

Seraphim50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

it is a good game. At least when I played it last year on PS5. It had minimal issues that mainly consisted of a few, sometimes funny, bugs/glitches. Typical stuff you'll see or can see in almost any game. Even Star Lord lost his head the other night when playing Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately I had to reset though as I couldn't do anything but run around and shoot lol. If I'm comparing the two then I have to say they had about the same amount of issues; for me at least. I could through Fallen Jedi in there as well. Thing of it is that those random glitches are fine as no game is flawless.

Now, I'm not saying they don't deserve the shit they received for the last gen versions but... if you own a Series X, PC or PS5 the game is good and should run fine. To everyone else, yeah we get it, you're mind is made up, move along.

dennigo50d ago

Hell NO
in chapter 2 i had a crash every 15 mins on PS5, Streets are empty, if i turn around stuff just randomly dissapears; police spawn in impossible locations, NPC getting stuck having to reload previous saves.
Cyberpunk is Still buggier than any bethesda game i played even after all the patches.
i want it to be a good game but at the moment it's still a dumpsterfire of a game and anyone claiming otherwise is either too blind to see or a fanboy.

The witcher 3 is the best game i've ever played and i've been around since nintendo 8-bit, but cyberpunk is a disaster.

KyRo50d ago

Dennigo, you know you're lying when you say Bethesdas games ain't as buggy lol. It's the typical Bethesda free pass they get by everyone whilst other companies get slated for having the same issues.

VariantAEC44d ago

I've never seen a Bethesda game that was utterly broken from start to finish. Even their worst games (which are decidedly a hot mess) they were still not even close to being technically broken as Cyberpunk 2077 and we have to set the bar really really low because a lot of Bethesda releases come close to being technically incomplete. Now Cyberpunk 2077 is technically incomplete with absolutely broken AI from simple animations to how they function in the world, lots of broken player activated logic triggers and more. The game was also billed as having a nigh on perfect replication of a real world as far as NPC routine intelligence is concerned and that obviously didn't show up in the final game. Players don't have to do much to get rid of AI though funnily enough the ability to stop calling AI is also not in the game so streets can fill up with cars until whatever system you're on buckles under the weight of all the different models on screen.

Everything and I really do mean absolutely everything in that game was in some way showing how broken it was at launch. Even now with performance largely remedied most of the rest of the game is still a serious mess with wholly incomplete, AI utterly mangled animations and non-functional things everywhere.

This game was too ambitious for the people working on it and it will never be done because they don't have the skill to complete it.

MajorLazer51d ago

Meh, I'm happy to wait. I knew from how ambitious it was that waiting would prove wise. Whether it's 2022 or 2023, I'll pick it up for a few quid eventually when it's fixed.

RpgSama51d ago

I think the main issue is that structurally the game is just ok, you can polish it as much as you want to and it will certainly be a good game by then, but not great or amazing or groundbreaking as people were expecting, it might end up being a good functioning game.

fitofficial51d ago

Lol, the people downvoting you are just mad they bought it when it came out. Game devs are not to be trusted anymore outside of a very select few.

If you buy new, you are part of the beta. Period. Get used to it.

ZoidsRaven50d ago

I'm sure once the CDPR shills are done pretending glitches were this game's only issue, like the Mass Effect: assromeda fans tried to, most of the game's media will claim it was a "misunderstood cult classic". 7_7

But that's enough from me.
I'll see you gois next tyme, thong out.

Godmars29051d ago

Even if fixed, the game needs to remain example of over promising and not doing the work while underdelivering.

MajorLazer51d ago

There's plenty of examples but this may be the definitive one.

Godmars29051d ago

That no big publisher - still - will learn from.

Lionsguard51d ago

Peter Molyneux: First time?

Godmars29051d ago

Only by most counts Molyneux only said things to say things to make himself sound good in interviews. Where the actual people working on his game were left wondering what he was talking about when it filtered back to them, NMS guy remembered his statements or was already working on them.

fitofficial51d ago

"You'll be able to play the entire game as you see fit in any way imaginable with infinite storylines."

--Mash A to combat and move to next linear point in story--

Yui_Suzumiya51d ago

Works fine on my PS4.. I'd say it's fixed at this point.

Seraphim50d ago

that's the problem with games development in general though. There's plenty of developers who say something early on that never make it into the game. Developers and Publishers both need to sit back and wait until the game is roughly 12 months away to start discussing and showing it. Or stay quiet on the systems, details, etc until they are in the game and likely to remain. Because at the end of the day their ambitiousness isn't guaranteed to make it into the game.

Yui_Suzumiya49d ago

And this was originally going to be for the PS3 and 360. It was announced before The Witcher 3.

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Ninver51d ago

😂😂 yo this is why I return to this site. The community is legendary.

badz14950d ago

by looking at the CDPR team here....VERY BAD!

InUrFoxHole51d ago

Lol. This guy really thinks you can piss on people and a year later they're just gonna go... Wowzers! Great game!

Godmars29051d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Even if not wholly lead and teams fault, No Man Sky says hi.

To expand: Sony pushed someone who wasn't into public speaking into publicly speaking about his game, whereas CD Project Red flubbed all on their own.

theindiearmy51d ago

The difference is No Man Sky actually became a very good game a year later. Cyberpunk isn't trending as favorably.

Fishy Fingers51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Recent steam reviews rate it "very positive" (84%).

Admittedly the PC version was in a better place from the off compared to console.

porkChop51d ago

Listen, I'm glad that NMS turned into a great game. I'm glad they turned everything around. But I can't blame Sony for what happened with that game. Sony may have pushed him into public speaking, but they didn't force him to lie about features that weren't in the game. He made that decision on his own.

TheRealTedCruz51d ago


It took far longer than a year for NMS to become even comparable to what they were promising with the game.

TheRealTedCruz51d ago


You have to hold Sony to some sort of accountability for NMS.
No, they weren't publishing the game, but they gave the team a whole bunch of publicity. People treated the game as a sort of Sony title.
Sony is the reason they sold as many copies of the game early on as they did. You can't exactly offer someone a platform and then wash your hands of anything they say with its use.

Sony wasn't involved with the development, but they sure as hell were involved in selling the game.

Ninver50d ago

Fk no mans sky. We will no longer tolerate "release now fix later". Fix your %[email protected]# or we buy it later at bargain bin price.

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Xb1ps451d ago

Well... I didn't get pissed on since I didn't buy the game.

I don't understand how ppl on this site can be here 24.7 and not know when to stay away from a game.

This game clearly needed a lot more time then investors were willing to give it. It's not the devs. fault, look at the witcher franchise! The devs can work magic they just need the time!

The game should have been a "launch window" for this generation and I'll put money that that's what the devs. Would of wanted too.

fitofficial51d ago

Uh, they will. And the game journos will back them up too. Once the game is seen as "fixed" there will be plenty of articles fawning over "how great it is now". The whole process is set up now so that early-adopters are beta testers. It's cheaper, shorter, and more profitable in the long run.