Analyst: PS3 Won't Have the Impact of PS2 Due to Xbox 360's Early Lead

Research and Markets has published a new report in which the firm claims the PlayStation 3 will have the largest install base by 2010 it won't dominate the market as much as its predecessor did due to the launch delay in Europe and the early lead of the Xbox 360.

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calderra4900d ago

...and also because Wii is outselling it 4-to-1?

Icryo4899d ago

PS3 will have a decent market share in the future, but i see Sony doing a Microsoft this generation: PS3 is gonna bleed money left right and centre. Sony will barely profit from the PS3 and should get straight to work on PS4, if they haven't already started doing so...

HandShandy4899d ago

This is at least true....for NOW.

It's very hard to say because the xbox is on similar par with the Dreamcast (Not a popular statement) but the Xbox360 has an ace up it's sleeve that I think will stop Sony from having such a massive share of the market. That is of course - Xbox LIVE.

It's not really because Microsoft believe they are Pioneers in online gaming - it's because customers are sucked into a premium subscription service that will encorage them to stay with Xbox live and have the general attitude of:

"Well if I want a game, I may as well buy it for Xbox 360 because at least I pay for the online service... it would be a waste otherwise"

I don't think the Games will pul M$ Above the clouds, and it's outdated technology will cause serious hardware issues in the upcoming years. I think with a low price tag, some attractive exclusives and a large loyal fanbase the xbox should keep Sony from getting it's big shoes on.

The PS2 was made a success story by the inadequacy of it's competitor consoles. The gamecube was rubbish and didn't have the games. The Xbox came to late and didn't appeal to the entire global market.

Times have changed. Nintendo have gone down some mad other road and essentialy it's war between M$ and Sony.

Here's my little theory:

I think the xbox will have 2007, and they will snatch xmas away from Sony this year. Further price cuts and massive game development in 2008 will boost Sony to a higher plane and then when developers and companies start switching because of the Bluray and HDMI/HDCP issue - M$ will start tumbling fast.

If they try to release a new console while the market is in a massive growth period for the PS3. The Xbox 720 will be still born, it will be overshadowed. I think M$ had a smooth ride though 2006, now in 2007 it's getting a little bumpy and in 2008 - they won't have a ride at all.

BrotherSic4899d ago

i can see what you are saying:

"If they try to release a new console while the market is in a massive growth period for the PS3. The Xbox 720 will be still born, it will be overshadowed"

but i think its all about the quality of the new system. If the PS3 had better graphics/games, better online, similar price then it would have sold alot more than it has now.

A new system which is more expensive than the old ones have to show why they are more expensive. The ps3 may prove this in the future but currently its not

God of Gaming4899d ago

If the 360 is the dreamcast.. then at this point the PS3 is the SATURN...

USMChardcharger4899d ago

there is always a freakn new report on this that and the other about who is going to do what.

i am getting tired of it. these people are starting to seem like palm readers too me. some of them are probably accurate...but damn if there is not some new report saying the opposite of yesterdays millionth report.

M$ or Sony fan you got to feel the same.

Grown Folks Talk4899d ago

unless 1 doesn't sell AT ALL, it has no bearing on your enjoyment of whichever system(s) you own. if it is selling so poorly they cease production and stop making games, then it matters. 45%, 30%, 25%, who gives a crap? you still get to play what you want.

Blu-Print4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

With so many different predictions, who's to say that any one prediction is valid. I think consumers are too unpredictable for the most part and theses analysts have no idea what Microsoft and Sony have "up their sleeves." I think people keep thinking that the market leader will push out better games, which I don't think is the case this time around. So unless you're working for Sony/MicroSoft, it doesn't matter who has a slight market lead.

Grown Folks Talk4899d ago

is 1 being the market leader going to make the games more fun than they really are? is it going to make you sleep better because sony/ms is #1? microsoft is in 1st place right now, but a lot of people still bought a ps3. obviously it doesn't matter, so why do we still keep talking about marketshare? everybody here that is getting paid by 1 of these 3 companies, or who owns stock in them, please step forward.

USMChardcharger4899d ago

whatz up Grown.

you would think ol Franklin would look happier that he is on the 100 dollar bill, lol.

joemutt4899d ago

75 shares of Microsoft and 72 shares if EA.

They are in a Roth IRA account so I cant spend the money, but I can Invest it in whatever I want.

While MS is a decent bet, I am hoping EA will make me the real money.