Gizmodo:10 Things You Need to Know About PlayStation Home

The PlayStation Home Open Beta is out, and it's simply the best way to taste what Sony has in store for the PS3 over the coming years. Here are the ten things you should know.

1) PlayStation Home is out, but in Open Beta status. If the world of Home feels sparse or buggy, Sony wants you to remember that it's not really out yet, even though it's actually been released to the public. The final version of PlayStation Home with all of the features Sony has teased is promised for next year

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Pennywise3595d ago

^^This guy doesnt own a PS3.

blackbeld3595d ago

It's a fun place to met new friends.. unlike you stay in youre room alone play some online game.

JustinSaneV23595d ago

"5) There are lots of dudes. Lots of them."


ThatArtGuy3595d ago

Lots of the dudes are women who don't want to be harassed.

I don't blame them.


LightningPS3PS33595d ago

a form of a more interactive chatroom. And yeah, it's full of guys flocking around female avatars. Not too much different from a normal chatroom.

ZombieNinjaPanda3595d ago

Makes you wonder, have some of these people ever seen a girl before?

LightningPS3PS33595d ago

Guys like girls, that's just life. Stop with the a bunch of nerds with no life bulls*t. Maybe that makes you people feel better about yourself.

Charlie26883595d ago

In my 2 visits to Home ive only seen 1 girl...and there were like 6 guys dacing around here XD

BlindMonkey3595d ago

I was on yesterday in the arcade area of the bowling alley and i was waiting for someone to jump off a game to try it out. There was a guy talking to a girl there and they were in a deep conversation. The guy was asking her "where are you from" "how old are you" etc. Then the guy asked her what her name was and she said "Jack" The guy turned 180 degrees and ran as fast as he could lol. I just thought it was the funniest thing.

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pp3595d ago

I don't won't to know Jack about HOME only thing i know it's run by GAY'S.So i won't be jumping into your queer Party.

Spike473595d ago

my sister can't get from one side of the plaza to the other without geting a "Hello" "Where are you from" message from some random guy.

I made her an account on Monday and she already has 15 friends.

BigPappaPump3595d ago

Did the countless guys dance around her?

BlindMonkey3595d ago

I have to agree there are always guys following girls around in Home. I made my character look like a pedophile with big lips and i follow guys around to creep them out lol. God it's funny to mess with people. I think Home is amazing but the NA version is nowhere near as good as the Japanese one. Everyone needs to check the Japanese Home because it's way better. They have two outdoor theatre screens, SIREN room, and their movie theatre has gameplay footage of WKC.

rockleex3595d ago

BlindMonkey! I've seen you in Home then!! XD

ottoenie3595d ago

home will be amazing one day, i hate people who are saying that home is an epic fail, remember people it's a beta, not the full version, and that's why there's not much content. patience, just patience, and this will turn out good, trust me.

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