No headache needed: 46% of women choose Internet over sex

According to the survey of 2,119 adult Internet users, commissioned for Intel by Harris Interactive (full results will be published next week), 95 percent of all respondents said it was at least "somewhat" important to have devices that allow them to get online. 65 percent said that they simply could not live without Internet access, period. Clearly, this is a crowd that loves their Internet. But it wouldn't take much for this luxury-turned-utility to interrupt people's lives in the bedroom, it seems, and in trends that seem to be moving in opposite directions.

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Graphics Whore3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Well I'm glad my special some one isn't in that 46%. That's pretty sad realistically, it shows us how we just lose ourselves in a totally different world, but I suppose it's a medium these days.

@Disagree, if you rather troll the internet than have sex, that explains why you're a virgin.