Star Citizen Reveals a Big Space Truck as Crowdfunding Passes $406 Million

Today Cloud Imperium Games revealed a brand new ship already flyable in the growing space simulator Star Citizen, the Argo RAFT.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

The crowdfunded game that will never be released lol in fact they can release a broken unfinished game and just put out an apology like most game devs these days….

n1kki6181d ago

I've been playing it for years and have had a ton of fun. Have you played it or just shitting on it?

Orbilator181d ago

Playing an alpha for years, it's not even beta yet so don't sit and tell us you been having fun like your playing some finished game. Maybe they should finish the core game and release a final build. Then worry about adding crap to it. I'm not knocking the game at all just the amount of funding and the fact it's never ending. Always something new added but never closer to completing the final build. A total joke of a Kickstarter campaign.

n1kki6181d ago

I've had piles of fun with it. I jump on with friends once a week and romp around the world. It's huge fun, looting ships, taking cargo missions, exploring bases. There is a ton there. Maybe go try playing it. But to tell me I am not having fun because it's not "finished" is ridiculous.

n1kki6181d ago

But it is fun. Really enjoyable. It's a pleasure to play. I get a lot of entertainment out of it. It's a jolly good time.

ChubbyBlade181d ago

Ignore them. They don’t know the games been playable for years with more to do than many AAA games.

JackBNimble181d ago

Most of the people crowd funding it are people who are playing and enjoying it, that in itself should say something.

Watch some actual game play videos , it's an awesome game even though it's still in alpha.
I play elite dangerous and when I build my new pc I'm heading straight to star citizen.

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Stanjara181d ago

So what have we learned this week?

bloop180d ago

That there's a big space truck.

TGG_overlord180d ago

That +400 million is a sh** load of money for a game that takes forever to release...

Muigi181d ago

My grandkids will tell me about this game one day.

ApocalypseShadow180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Gamers shouldn't even waste their time on these Star Citizen articles about ships and more funding. There's no point. Backers will say they're having fun. But you can have fun in any unfinished game. The problem is that this game continues to be delayed by adding more promises. It's total mismanagement when the goal keeps getting moved. This game would never have been acceptable from the game industry publishers and developers. Because they work on timelines. Roberts keeps resetting his as the money rolls in.

These articles have no previews, no reviews, no hands on experiences, no developer interviews, no release dates. It's a constant article approval of a crowd funded project that provides no new information.

If the idea is to tell us about yet another expensive micro transaction, you've met that quota abriael. Are you providing the community NEWS? From where I sit, you have become head ADVERTISER for more backers and funding as you have become the only poster for this game. There is no beneficial news here talking about another ship of an unfinished game.

jznrpg180d ago

Agreed , it’s just advertising now . We don’t need an update for the next microtransaction and next million or 2 funded .

ApocalypseShadow180d ago

There are so many crowd funded games with added stretch goals. But those are never posted here. There are finished games that get micro transactions daily. None of those are posted either. Just one game in particular by one individual. Above I typed this:

"no previews, no reviews, no hands on experiences, no developer interviews, no release dates. It's a constant article approval of a crowd funded project that provides no new information."

I don't think he'd ever answer this statement. If the idea is being a journalist, provide actual news, then he should update gamers when there's something really important to convey. Instead of weekly announcements of nothing.

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