Tails Of Iron Developers Only Get A Pay Bonus If The Game Reviews Well

GameByte writes: "Tails of Iron developer Odd Bug Studio has seemingly revealed in a tweet that developers will only get a pay bonus if the game has reviewed well on OpenCritic."

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leahcim676d ago

It is called "performance bonuses".

SlothLordPootus676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

Quite the scummy move by the developers to tweet about it AND tag major outlets. Consumers then wouldn't be able to trust review scores. Ultimately they're bonuses, not base pay, so I don't feel so bad about it, but the whole bonus for high ratings thing is quite archaic, and I feel like sales would be a better indicator, though those efforts are handled by publisher so not sure how that would affect motivations.

slowgamer676d ago

Well.. It would be quite weird getting a BONUS money if it's a bad game.
Though you can't really trust reviews nowadays, especially first ones. They are mostly 10 or 4 based on how "reviewer" likes the company or politics behind them or that if it's more "art" than some others. I think more real reviews come a bit after the first rush.

MadLad676d ago

It should be based on sales, if anything. I like that they brought up the situation with Obsidian and New Vegas.
They lost a giant payout over one singular point on metacritic, yet is still held as the best in the series by many.

Deeeeznuuuts676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

And that's bad why? I don't get a bonus at work if I do a poor job, if the game turns out to be good then they shouldn't have a problem.

Edit: someone pointed out that based on sales would be a better and I agree, a lot of reviews these days are not a true reflection of a game.

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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for April: Meet Your Maker, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Tails of Iron

The Monthly Games lineup of Meet Your Maker, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Tails of Iron will be available to PlayStation Plus members on Tuesday, April 4 until Monday May 1.

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closed_account188d ago

It's no Little Big Planet, but I still had a lot of fun w my daughter on this one. Definitely a good score for platformer fans.

SullysCigar188d ago

It's 4-player couch co-op, right? Can't wait to play this with the family - was waiting for a sale and then forgot!

closed_account188d ago

@SullysCigar yep! Just make sure you have enough PS5 controllers!

I actually only have one PS5 controller, so what we did was set up my 4k monitor next to the TV, I played on the PS5 and she played on the PS4. That's one of the perks of a digital copy is the free extra copy you get cross-console. :)

1nsomniac188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Sack boys adventure is great. It lacks a little something that’s hard to put your finger on but It’s still a great little platformer.

The other 2 titles though look crap.

KyRo188d ago

The concept of Meet Your Maker is amazing but it's awful art direction and lack of variety in Traps is pretty bad. I'm hoping someone else takes that concept and pushes it further

IamTylerDurden1187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Tails of Iron is fantastic. One of my favorite indies this gen and 83 Opencritic. 84 Meta on XB which is where i played it. Incredible art, unique combat, and Doug Cockle aka Geralt narrating. It's a gem. Meet Your Maker imo has looked intriguing. It didn't come out of nowhere either. It's been on the radar for a while.

Vanfernal188d ago

I played it with the wife and we had a blast. It has a lot of charm and the presentation is top notch

locomorales188d ago

It's a good dollar store version of Super Mario 3D World. I would recommend for PS plus members.

SullysCigar188d ago

I played Super Mario 3D World. It was a good dollar store version of Astro Bot Rescue Mission and I'd recommend picking it up in a sale... but Nintendo don't really do sales.

closed_account188d ago

@SullysCigar lol, actually the one time you make that joke Super Mario 3D World is actually on sale. It only happens like 3 times a year though!

I enjoy all 3 of the games you guy mentioned :)


IamTylerDurden1187d ago

Sackboy is a quality 3D platformer with exceptional co op and an 80+ Opencritic. It's endearing and solid fun. It controls better than LBP but lacks the creation. The trials are challenging and i enjoyed platinuming it with a friend. Some of the best co op design i played that year. Great music. It's not meant to be Mario.

IamTylerDurden1187d ago

Excellent 3D platformer in co op. Underrated game that scored 80+ Opencritic and Tails of Iron superb. Bought it on XB. Meet Your Maker looks good as well. Impressive month.

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TheEnigma313188d ago

Man PS kills it every month with their games. I still have the base PS plus and it's definitely a huge value every year.

crazyCoconuts188d ago

Agreed. Meet your Maker is even a Day 1 new release

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Relientk77188d ago

Tails of Iron is really underrated. I got it day one, had fun playing it, and even platinumed it. It even has the voice actor who does Geralt from The Witcher.

SullysCigar188d ago

Oh good, I hope he says, "Winds howling"!

IamTylerDurden1187d ago

Tails of Iron is sublime. Mole Town was a nice surprise. The boss that was a rat version of Thor. Doug Cockle. I love that game. Challenging but not overly. Free expansion as well.

NecrumOddBoy187d ago

How hard is it?