Halo Infinite: The Campaign is Gorgeous and So Much Fun

COG: With the multiplayer portion already out, many are eagerly awaiting Halo Infinite’s campaign and it's a blast!

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ColtPSSX61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Next month boys. Always been more excited for the campaign then the multi. Let’s go.

Jin_Sakai60d ago

Love the MP and can’t wait for the campaign. Not long now!

Thunder_G0d_Bane60d ago

Without co op it’s DOA to me until then. I have never played a halo campaign single player.

Co op is the core of this franchise to me.

Gaming4Life198160d ago

Yea I'm really excited for the campaign as well.

Jericho133760d ago

Can’t wait, I’ve held off on touching the multiplayer. For me it’s always campaign first, then multiplayer.

4Sh0w60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Me too but damm I couldn't wait. You're gonna love the MP though, Ive been playing all day today, with breaks here & there, maaaan it just feels good.

gamer780460d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Can’t wait til may to try it out when it’s complete. Every halo campaign I’ve experienced first with my friend since halo 1.

XbladeTeddy60d ago

What do you mean complete, it is isn't it? The campaign is done and it has multiplayer which is as complete as a multiplayer can be on launch day.

gamer780460d ago

@X blade unfortunately the campaign is missing coop code. You could play the campaign by yourself, but it’s not feature complete yet.

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Deathdeliverer60d ago

As long as it’s on gamepass I’m there. I’m not paying for any Xbox exclusives. That includes add ons or whatever this would be categorized as. I don’t mind not being there day one. They can pull all the Forza “preorder and play a few days early” tactics they want.

spicelicka60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

It's been confirmed every xbox exclusive will be on gamepass day 1 for years. There are plenty of exclusives that are worth day 1 purchases. I don't need to pay for it because of gamepass but I would 100% pay full price for it, it looks amazing. I'm not sure I understand the sentiment behind your comment, you seem mad about them giving the option to pay full price for quality games, even though they're giving them with gamepass.

Deathdeliverer60d ago

Guys calm down. All I’m saying is game pass said I’d get everything day one on gamepass. I’ve been having gamepass on my series X and I don’t particularly appreciate them giving Forza away early to people that put down the money for it. Day one is day one. Hopefully Halo is a day one, otherwise I’ll be waiting like I did with Forza for the non paid day one. Cool out defense force. I’m clearly a supporter.

Deathdeliverer60d ago


I agree. Maybe you aren’t aware. Forza was a few days early for people that preordered and paid full price. So did us gamepass subscribers get it Day one or not? What’s stopping anyone from saying X game releases on December 20th and it will be on gamepass day one, but those that preorder for full price get it a week earlier? So did gamepass subscribers get it Day over it not?

4Sh0w60d ago

Its not defense force, most of those I know have Gamepass but we also pay for games we really love. Of course when a release date is set that is always been considered "day one" BUT theres nothing wrong with those who pay a *premium getting it early, its not a new thing either theres always been, preorder, or certain premium editions that allowed those willing to play early, this why your comment doesn't make sense.

crazyCoconuts60d ago

No reason to pay $60 for just the campaign when you can join for a month and play through it and get MP for free.

Activision60d ago


Microsoft CEO said: Thank You 'Deathdeliverer' for supporting our ecosystem and subscription services.

Automatic7960d ago

@Deathdeliverer - "As long as it's on GamePass I'm there"

No need to say anything else. See you on day 1.

Deathdeliverer60d ago


Well automatic, the only person that isn’t sensitive about all matters Xbox, you shall.

brewin60d ago

But it wasn't just "pre order and play early" like you state. Only those who pre ordered the ultimate edition got it early. The other option was to buy the ultimate edition content bundle to get to play the GP version early. They've been doing that for awhile now. It's how I bought FH4 as well. Use the GP bear have with the UE content bundle, then I'll just buy the base game once it hits low price.

CaptainHenry91660d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I'll be getting this game for free with Microsoft reward points with gamepass on PC. The game doesn't look innovative though. It looks like Halo

ChubbyBlade60d ago

A Halo game looks like Halo? What a twist!

CaptainHenry91660d ago

Nothing new or innovative. If it ain't broke why fix it right

Orchard60d ago

“ As long as it’s on gamepass I’m there. I’m not paying for any Xbox exclusives.”

But… game pass costs money…

FlavorLav0160d ago

$2 bucks paid me up through April next year, then I’ll cancel and wait for another gamepass deal. If this is what Xbox thinks of their games let them keep selling for a dollar or two at a time, I don’t mind.

Orchard59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

@FlavorLav01 That's standard process for these services though. Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+ etc. used to give me awesome deals, and now I'm a fully paid member of god knows how many streaming services.

King_Noctis60d ago

Microsoft thanks you for continuing to be a paying member of Gamepass.

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Duke1960d ago

Ugh if consoles were cheaper I’d bite just for this game and Forza alone right now. I’m definitely gonna be missing out until some console deals drop the price

spicelicka60d ago

The thing is that the gamepass $1 upgrade deal is the most ridiculous value in gaming history that well never come back once it goes away. I bought 3 years of Xbox live, which I buy yearly anyway, paid $1 for the upgrade and split it all with a friend by sharing the account. Within a year I've saved enough money to cover half the cost of Series X, by next year it'll pay for itself.

Profchaos60d ago

Yeah I've had so many free months by starting and stopping my subscription when it goes to $1 there almost no checks and balances.

Automatic7960d ago

No matter how you come into the eco system. Xbox welcomes all. Thank you for being a part of Xbox.

gamer780460d ago (Edited 60d ago )

That’s against the terms of service btw and could get you banned. (Account sharing)

Flawlessmic60d ago

Yea i bought an xsx for the long game as with gamepass i dont plan on ever really buying a game on xbox so ill be saving money in the long run.

franwex60d ago

I play on launch xbone as I cannot secure a series x. It plays okay. You can at least play on that.

gamer780460d ago (Edited 60d ago )

You can pick up the series s on sale for 290$. Pretty good deal , but honestly if you want to play halo at its best it will be later next year

itsmebryan60d ago

Remember the series X bundle with gamepass is only $36 a month. You don't have to pay $500 in one lump sum. With 0% interest it's easy and cheap way to get a next gen console and a lot of great games day one.

CantThinkOfAUsername60d ago

That's only available in NA as far as I know.

Sirk7x60d ago

The Series S is a really good deal, especially with Game Pass if you don't already own any games from MS. I have the X, but my girlfriend has the S and loves it. Very impressive little console.

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Automatic7960d ago

I love the mp. I can't wait for the sp.

343_Guilty_Spark60d ago

Xbox has legit games! Thinking low to mid 90s

CaptainHenry91660d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Hmmm with all of 343 industry games, I'm thinking a low to mid 80s. None of their games ever got a low to mid 90s review score

Halo 4
Halo 5: Guardians
Halo Infinite
Halo Wars 2
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Halo: Spartan Assault
Halo: Spartan Strike
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Si-Fly60d ago

When even Jeff Gerstmann is waxing lyrical about the campaign you know it’s gonna be good :D

NeoGamer23260d ago

I would be surprised with 90's. There will be reviewers that rag on it just because it is XB and Halo.

I would expect upper 80's though. 86-89.

There is also the issue of co-op. I love Halo, but I love it more when I am playing co-op. Some reviewers may choose to say because of the lack of co-op they won't give it 90's and above.

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