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Shin Megami Tensei V is worth experiencing even if its main story ultimately feels incidental.

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VersusDMC553d ago

I got invested enough to actually think about the dialogue choices and actually thought for a bit which ending i wanted.

I'm a Persona simp and i still loved this game. I got extremely annoyed by SMT3 remaster random battles and annyoying dungeons but SMT V has none of that.

If you love the battle system in Persona 5 get this as it has a better one that is way more customizable.

87 hours just flew by to reach the credits and i still want to play more...

antikbaka553d ago

I wish they invested into the story more, it's very shallow and barebone.

You don't need to compare it to Persona, just put next to each other SMT IV and SMT V.
It's a step forward in visuals and design, but story lacks a lot

Outlawzz552d ago

Smt 4 had great character development and voice acting. The scenes weren't animated so im assuming that gave more resources with everything else.

Smt 5 is great so far for me but I agree it would be phenomenal with smt 4 story depth. The ambience and open world were in focus this time around.

Maybe they can make an updated or new branching story like smt 4 apocalypse.