DEF JAM: ICON Demo now available on Xbox Live Marketplace

The promised DEF JAM: ICON Demo now is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace

Price: Free
Availability: Gold members in all Xbox Live regions
Dash Details: From the team behind the critically acclaimed EA SPORTS Fight Night series brings you DEF JAM: ICON, an integration hip hop culture and gaming like never before. With the hottest music seamlessly infused into the world around you, the game's environments pulsate, crumble, and explode to life with every bone-jarring beat.

Experiencing slow downloads? Make sure your P2P software is turned off, and you have an Xbox Live Compatible router.

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Grown Folks Talk4895d ago

very slow, and every button is a punch.

THWIP4895d ago

Nice to see SOMEBODY here has a sense of humor. :D :p

BTW, Flashback was a classic....I want it for XBLA. :)

Grown Folks Talk4895d ago

maybe this time i won't get pissed off trying to leap from tree to tree. i'd like a new parasite eve as well.

THWIP4895d ago

IMO, the Parasite Eve games were waaaay better than the RE and SH games; too bad Square abandoned it, only to make 20 more "Final" Fantasy games. :(

THWIP4895d ago

Sorry, GFT, but it's the truth. :(

Grown Folks Talk4895d ago

to let my wife know that as soon as i see her. thanks for the information. i've never owned or played any of the previous games. i tried the FREE demo. i won't be buying the game.

Deios4895d ago

Is Aki still involed with this game?

THWIP4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

...which means the fighting will suck BIG TIME. The whole concept is just retarded: fighting to the beat of the bass....the backgrounds reacting/crumbling in relation to the music. The fact that a car "breaks" into 3 clean and it's made of concrete, while the garage RIGHT NEXT TO IT is 100% undisturbed, is proof of just how lame and ignorant the development team is.

Antan4895d ago

Its not bad, gfx are pretty strong, nice facial expressions, really nice anim, nice steady framerate......not sure about gameplay though, could get boring rather quickly.

Munky4895d ago

It does play really slow tho.

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The story is too old to be commented.