Rumor Killers: UGO buying 1UP, Disney buying EA, and Gears 3 in 2010

UGO buying out 1UP, Disney buying out EA, and Gears of War 3 set to buy Cliff a new country in today's bought-out edition, brought to you by Pepsi.

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italianbreadman3599d ago

Print mags are a thing of the past. They'll all close up shop soon.

Lombax3599d ago

When you can carry a screen the size of magazine page rolled up in your pocket. Until then PSTOM & GI don't need to worry about losing my subscription.

yourgodisdead3599d ago

How i would love to see EA bought over by Disney, at least they might make some decent games lol

cain1413599d ago

Pure was pretty decent... Disney makes a lot of tween games, but that is their buisness model.

ahnonamis3599d ago

Decent? Pure is one of the most underrated games of this gen so far. Didn't get nearly the love it deserved.

cain1413599d ago


I hate endorsing games I haven't played the final build for, but I love the demo from E3. So until I try the real one, it's just pretty decent lol..

Graphics Whore3599d ago

Magazines especially with the internet have to find a way to reinvent themselves or it's the way of the dinosaur. We're already seeing EGM dying but EGM is 1up anyway.

cain1413599d ago

I can't see why you really would want to pay for things you can get for free online.

Viewtiful3599d ago

Mags don't need to reinvent themselves, they just need to realize that websites can be just as profitable and give up on print.

If they really insist on staying in business, they should do reviews, and then strictly editorial that comments about the gaming culture and the extremely hardcore side.

EGM is going horribly wrong when they try to appeal to the common man. They need seriously hardcore content. Make it so good that you can't be a hardcore gamer without it.

Grasty3599d ago

Good stuff, keep it up :)

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The story is too old to be commented.